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Friday, November 28, 2008

What a BUST!!!

I woke up at 6:45 am this morning and I thought to myself....hey - there were some sales at both Wal Mart and Kohls that I wanted to check out...

so I got up and dressed and even put on the makeup and headed out the door by 7:03 am and went to Wal Mart first of all. I must admit I didn't have a lot that I wanted to look at there - the ladies jeans that were on sale for $8 and maybe an Emma toy. Nothin, nadda, forget it. Couldn't even find the womens jeans that were on sale. Wandered all thru the store and looked at everything on sale - and there were some goooood sales. So I left without buying anything.

Headed to Kohl's - their toys were all 40-60% off and I wanted to look for a tie for Glenn and a nice shirt and tie and slacks etc for Edward.

The toys are in the back of the store on the North side and as I headed back there I realized that the 'crowd' (per se) was the line of people waiting to make their purchase. The line was 2-3 people wide and it ran all the way across the front of the store AND ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK!!!

Sorry, but I didn't want to wait two hours to buy I didn't even shop!! I turned around and headed back out to my car.

The Grinch has spoken. This is the first year I have even looked at the Black Friday sales and it will be the last!!

I am going back to bed!!


Jamie said...

Okay, Susan. We should've gone together. I woke up at 5:45 am and was to Lowe's a little after 6. I planned where I was going and what I was going to get (thanks to the ads the day before). I got everything I wanted except for 1 thing. Lets plan on going next year, it will be fun I promise! :)

Melinda said...

Brave of you to venture out. Let me know how the shopping trip with Jamie goes next year, because I don't do Black Friday!

Anonymous said...

I hope she is in town next year (cause I ain't driving to Richfield to go shopping with her!!) But she always manages to find some good bargains so I am looking forward to next year!!

Kristanne said...

Your not a grinch - you are smart. After reading about the one worker at Walmart who got trampled to death and the other two customers who shot each other to death - I decided staying home was the right decision.

Terrie and Kelly said...

Hey Susan, Tanner and Haley (cousin) went to Wal-mart at. 4:00.(Crazy huh). They stood right by the Kitchen Aid mixers along with 10 other people who were guarding there machines. (including a lady who sat her 9 year old daughter on one)Then at 5:00 A.M. the whole crew dove in for their purchase. Tanner and Haley were successful. They snagged two.

Anonymous said...

I hope one of those were for you!! Its hilarious what people will do.
I've had my kitchenaid mixer since 1979 and still love it. It is the heavy duty kind and even though the harvest gold color is OLD and out of date I use it all the time. Good move Tanner. In 1978 we paid $300 for mine and now these guys got em for $199!! What a deal!

Mauri said...

I refuse to stand in the crazy lines and fight over stuff, but it can still be fun, just avoid the crazy stores. I had to work at 6:50 that morning, so Adrie and I went shopping at 5 am.
We passed on our first choice, Shopko, cuz the lines were crazy! And hit Old Navy and JC Penney, they weren't bad at all,and had practically no wait to buy stuff. But best of all we got some great deals on stuff we wanted/needed.