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Friday, November 14, 2008


Video clip #1

Please ignore the lousy singing ...I should have just hummed... at the end when we are singing Happy Birthday like people sing it (as compared to kitties or hippopotamus's) you will see Emma bouncing. I am not bouncing her on my knee. She would start bouncing with the music as we sang Happy Birthday to her!

Video clip #2. It gets really wobbly at the end because Emma decides that she wants the camera and takes it away from me and I am trying to turn the thing off!!

Emma's birthday party was held in a giant fishbowl!! Mom and Dad had covered the floor with blue tarps and there were paper fishies on the wall and stuffed fishies on the floor.

Here we have Emma (whose face was slightly orange due to chewing on crepe paper!!) and Simon.

The birthday girl is dressed is a cute outfit made by her talented mom!

Here are all three of my precious grand babies...
my other grand kids are just that - kids!! But these three still qualify in the baby range.

After the whole group joined in singing a bunch of cute fun songs then they sat Emma down on the blue tarp and let her go at it!! Cute duckie cake had big blue bubbles that it had been sitting on - those were the cupcakes mama passed out to the friends who came for the party.

She went for the bright orange duck beak and after she had frosting and cake all over her and her dress Emma was stripped to just tights and shoes. I picked up the cake she had smashed all over the floor and put it in a cup. Now she is going after every last drop of that nummy stuff in the cup.

Anyone want to shake hands?? Note the cute shoes she got for her birthday.

Fun birthday Party!! Big GIRL

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Melinda said...

Those were cute pictures and video! I feel bad I forgot my camera. They sure had the room decorated cutely, and what a bonus to have a child's entertainer for a daddy!