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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Week of the New Carpet

I took these pictures and downloaded them to this blog site two weeks ago - but never finished the post. So here it is. As you all know we recarpeted our house at the end of May. And I love it - I am finding myself DI'ing a whole lot of stuff that is just plain clutter - pretty clutter but clutter never the less.

This is the living room with the old carpet - it really wasn't in terrible shape, at least in the livingroom but I had NEVER liked the color - when I bought it at RC Willey's it looked like a pale mauve but when I got in home (in 1994) it turned gray...literally! With the white paint on the walls it looked awful. When we bought our new living room set in 2002 after returning from Texas we put our large beautiful area rug on top of it and its looked fine for the last eight years. But I was tired of it and it was past time to change.

It still has a lot of good wear in it though and happily it is being recycled in Glenn's new studio in Orem... whatever is left over there we will probably give to Dirk to use in front of his new trailer to give the kids some good play area when they camp places with sticky weeds and broken glass like we had in Beaver Memorial weekend.
above picture and below picture - Our bedroom - with all the furniture moved out -

Extra bedroom upstairs - that carpet really really needed to be pulled out and thrown away
above and below - our poor kitchen the night before the install - Shawn came and helped us move all of our livingroom furniture and the kitchen table into the toy hauler.
Then we moved all the bedroom furniture into the kitchen!!

May 25th - the guys showed up at 11 am and put down the red pad!
here they are out in the street where they rolled out my new carpet to cut it to size!! Luckily we don't have alot of traffic on our street!
the carpet is down in the livingroom - and they are working in the bedroom now with pieces of carpet and pad just laying around. I really don't understand this picture though as it looks like my curio cabinet is in the living room and it was actually in the kitchen - I don't know how it got into the picture!!!!
New carpet - so pretty - in the pictures you really can't see the beautiful pale dusty green color that it is!! It looks almost like my old stuff but it is a much prettier color in reality - you will have to come see it!

Ira came over and helped Ed move the furniture back inside - what would we do without our kids?

I have rearranged the furniture also besides decluttering and really love the living room now. I now that today's 'style' is leather and painted walls but I love my flowered furniture and matching droopy drapes. And I am thrilled with my new carpet. The bedroom is all put back together also and NOW I get to start on moving my office upstairs and putting the extra bedroom in the basement - still lots of work but its surely worth it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Esophagogastroduodenoscopy - Trying saying that three times FAST!!!

Its also called an EGD (now I know why!) and I am scheduled to have one on Friday afternoon. Since the CT scans and the colonoscopy didn't show any problems this is the next test the doctor is coming up with. They will sedate me (I don't know if they will take me all of the way out) and I can't have anything to eat for 16 hours prior to the scope - then they will insert a thin flexible, lighted tube called an endoscope down my throat. Hopefully I will just have a slight sore throat after. Maybe they will find the answer.

One positive thing though - it is time for my 6 month lab test for my diabetes - Friday morning after I've fasted for 10 hours I will go up to HAFB and let them draw blood and then Friday afternoon I will go have the EDG - I will only have to fast ONCE!