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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A week in the Quartzsite

Monday November 12
Kitty made us a wonderful breakfast and by 9 am we were on the road.  We stopped at the Wall mart in  Hurricane to deposit some checks (America First was closed but I was able to make my deposit through the ATM) and then we raced to Quartzsite.  Mad dash although I should have stopped and done some grocery shopping while I was there but we had 400 miles to go and we wanted to get there by 4 pm.

The drive was without problems.  We just kept moving with a fuel stop at the Indian Reservation and again at Searchlight for lunch.  Then straight on through to Quartzsite.  The BLM kiosk at La Posa South was closed due to the Veterans Day holiday and so we kept on driving…didn’t even take time to dump at the sewer station and fill up on water but kept on trucking and pulled up at the tent at 4:02.  Walked into Happy Hour to the warmest welcome ever.   There had to have been at least 18 couples that gave us  big hugs and welcomed us ‘home’.   Dear friends – so good to see them again.

We only stayed for about 10-15 minutes and then drove over to the spot we wanted to camp on this year.  That gave us about an hour of good light to get unhooked and set up – Ed worked on the outside and I worked on the inside.  At least enough to make it look like home again.

Tuesday November 13
Called Emma and sang happy birthday to her on the answering machine.  Got up this morning and had a quick breakfast – Ed got to work setting up the tent we brought.  He put it up behind the trailer – it is our storage tent and it works marvelously.  Five months worth of stuff needed to survive in the desert comfortably without tripping over it constantly in the trailer.  YAY! 
The  "Storeroom"

Wednesday November 14
We were supposed to go on a good long atv ride today but realized we still had lots to do to set up camp.  Ed needed to get fresh water and dump the gray and black water.  I needed to figure out what was needed food wise and head to the grocery store and there were a bunch of parts that Ed needed to find for the trailer..

This is a picture of one of the four barrels Ed has to cart fresh water back to the trailer so I have plenty of water in the trailer - he has a couple of white barrels that he uses for black and grey water to pump out of the trailer to the sewage dump about one mile from our trailer.

So I fixed a good breakfast and cleaned the trailer – vacuumed, made the bed, got myself ready to go to town with Ed and waited.  Finally I realized that he wasn’t going to be ready to leave for a couple of hours and so I simply hopped in the Razr ad took IT into town. 

I had a great time – I think it was the first time in two weeks that I was on my own and didn’t have to juggle my schedule to fit someone else’s.  I loved it.  Very few of the open air markets are open yet but more and more stores are ‘hardbacked’ and open at least nine months of the year.   I stopped at several of my bead stores looking for nice glass pearls for a necklace I am making.  Didn’t find them but found some inexpensive ones that I could practice with.   Then I hit the grocery store and cringed at the prices.  I had forgotten how expensive they are.  Plus there is a 10% tax on everything!   Next week we will go to Parker or Blythe and stock up at the Kmart or Wal-Mart.  Tax is still there though!  On the way back to the trailer I thought I would swing down Kuhn street and see if I could see Ed’s truck at the tool shop.  It wasn’t there but my favorite sunglass kiosk was.  I have bought at least two pair of sunglasses from this lady every year for the past eight years!  I lose them or break them so I keep going back to her.  We had a fun chat about where she spends her summers and then I headed back out to camp.  As I pulled into Laposa South camping area Ed was just pulling up to the BLM kiosk to pay our fee for camping here for the next five months.    I am soooo glad I didn’t wait for him.

As it was I had time to put everything away and head over to the tent for ladies craft hour.   I worked on Kristanne's necklace and its going to be gorgeous.  There were about ten ladies all sitting around doing different crafts.   We had a great visit with each other. 

Thursday November 15
Busy day today.   Simple breakfast and I cleaned up in the trailer and packed a good lunch while Ed worked on the flag holder on the back of the razr.  It is supposed to be 81 degrees today but it sure doesn’t look or feel it outside.   Ed dressed in shorts and sandals with his lightweight jacket – I wore long pants and layered with sweater and warm coat and gloves…glad I did.  It only got up to 67 which would have felt great if the sun was shining – instead we had thick clouds and cool breeze all day.
We went with Ed and Jo ad Bob and Maureen to the Indian Lands – there was a canyon we wanted to four wheel into that we had seen last year.  It wasn’t to be though – due to several VERY heavy rains this fall everywhere we tried to go was washed out and we ended up simply heading back to camp about 4 hours later- and it took two hours to get back.  Long fun day with good friends.  It was certainly not a loss as we had a great time four wheeling and some of the terrain Jo lead us over was …well I was just thankful I wasn’t driving.  Up steep hills, down steeper ones – along ridgelines – over VERY rocky terrain.  We will attempt the days’ goal again next week from a different direction.
When we got back I sent Ed over to Happy Hour with his soda and I took a nice shower and nap and headed to Silly Al’s for pizza with about 16 ladies – we had a fun time laughing and sharing stories with each other.  Good food, great companions.  When we got through eating we were heading towards the door and ended up sitting back down for another hour and a half to listen to karaoke – several of the ladies joined in and they sang beautifully.  I just might join them at the Karaoke practice sessions on Tuesdays and see if I can learn some songs!  Me!!!

I spent the morning painting pendants – set up a table outside so I could enjoy the sun.   Lovely day.  Ed is busy moving rocks around to create a ‘yard’.  Read and took a nap.  Lazy day. 

I decided I needed to run into town today to see if I could find someplace to salvage my nails before they start to fall off.  I only found one salon – it was closed and there was no answer on their phone so I give up.   No fill job for them.   I will have to let them fall off and replace the whole set when I get home for Christmas.    Spent a little time in town looking for chains to hang my pendants from but not a lot of luck there unless I want gold or silver chain …the prices of those make me shudder!

When I got back to the trailer I spent a couple of hours finishing off the necklaces.   I realize now that I can’t work at the kitchen table in the trailer – at least not sit on the bench seat and work – the bench is too low and that is what has been causing difficulties with my right arm.  It had it tied up in knots within minutes!   If I bring in my tall chair then I sit at a different angle and that works better.

Saturday evening we had a party at the tent.  A Welcome Back party and we were supposed to do something different with our hair.  So I found a head band and wired a huge sparkly green flower to it and then sprinkled different colors of glitter in streaks  in my hair.  Ed even let me sprinkle some silver glitter in HIS hair!!!  We both washed it out after the party but we have been glittering for days now!  The party was lots of fun – we all brought finger foods and danced and talked.  It was a fun party

It seemed good to be back to our Quartzsite Branch.   We walked in 20 minutes early and the choir was singing like they always are.  The high councilman that spoke mentioned that the last time he spoke in the branch there were only 28 people in attendance…No one is here in the summer!!  The chapel was almost full (the choir stayed in the choir seats for the whole meeting as they sang midway through the meeting but they saved their seats in the chapel so they would have some place to sit during Sunday School so it seemed just partly full) plus the cultural hall was almost full.  By January they will be going to two full sessions each Sunday and every nook and cranny will be filled. 
Sunday school is held in the chapel and cultural hall – the sister that taught the lesson did a marvelous job of including ALL of us in the lesson which would be very difficult.  They are hoping that next week a new missionary prep class will be starting.  PeRFECT!!
Relief Society is also held In the chapel for now.  They’ve already outgrown the RS room.  When they first go to two sessions then it will move back into the RS room until it again outgrows it at which time it will be like a fifth Sunday every week – combined Priesthood and Relief Society in the chapel and cultural hall.  Picked up our mail after church and the first weekly packet from Scott and Lisa was there with the last weeks’ mail.  That will work till we go home for Christmas and at that time we will have all our mail forwarded to our Quartzsite Post Office.

Monday, November 19

Got up and got going with a group ATV ride to Burro Canyon over in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a range of mountains that are about ten miles South of us.  Quite rugged looking.

 We went for a hike (just about 1/4 mile) to a natural Springs - This is a picture of Susan and Del (friends from Idaho) and edward.  The 'walk' to this point had us climbing over quite a few rocks and I simply didn't dare push my knee this much farther so I let Ed go on by himself.

It always seems so strange to see willows and this type of greenery in this dry desert!

Its hard to see in this picture - but the whole valley is full of Saguarro cactuses.  The desert definitely has a beauty of its own.

On the way back we stopped and searched for crystals - I found a tiny one - about 1/2 inch long and 1/4 inch wide ...I am thinking of making a necklace with it.  Very simple but pretty.

We left our camp at 9 am and got back about 3...pretty steady driving the whole time except for lunch.

Tuesday, November 20

Still enjoying the warm weather - it got up to 78 here.  After breakfast Ed went with several of the guys to Blythe to get stacks of old pallets to burn at the community fires they have most evenings.  While he was gone I stripped the beds and remade them, scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen down, mopped  and vacuumed the floors.  By the time he got back at 12 it was looking so nice.  While here with just the two of us we only use one bench of the table benches.  Right now the other is still folded up against the window but Ed will take it totally out and store it in the tent.  This gives us more room in the trailer - Ed spends a lot of the evenings sitting on the 'living room' bench watching tv or reading and it seemed like I was constantly crawling across him to get something out of the back.  Finally I decided that if I simply turn the table sideways when we aren't eating that gives us plenty of room for me to get past his long legs and knees.

After Ed got back we headed over to Parker - almost an hours drive (it takes 15 minutes to drive out to the main highway at 15 miles an hour!) to go see Twilight - Breaking Dawn.  I loved it.  Ed sat through it with me though he claims he didn't enjoy it - it was so much better than the others - really well done.  Then we hit Wal Mart and stocked up on groceries and headed back to the trailer - it was dark by the time we got home and I cooked a pizza for dinner.

Wednesday November 21

Today I headed into town to do laundry - I got the four loads of wash going and then rushed over to the Family Dollar store.  I am in charge of table decorations for tomorrow's dinner (45 of us) sit down in the big tent for turkey and all the trimmings.  I had found some orange and yellow and green tablecloths and some cute napkins at wal mart but nothing else.  I bought some floral foam to use with some of my fall silk flowers that I have out in front of the house but I really didn't want to cut them up.  Family Dollar store had some cute things that I am going to use - I will post a picture of it tomorrow when I get the whole thing set up.  I went back and tossed the clothes in the dryer, at some lunch and then folded it all and headed back out to camp.  Got there just in time to grab some stuff and head over to the ladies craft hour.  Made a pretty necklace visited with everyone.  Went back over with Ed at four with my bottle of water and made final plans for tomorrow.  At 5 when happy hour was over we all pitched in and set the tables and chairs up so it is ready for Ginger and I to go over at ten in the morning and wash everything off (dust is everywhere) and set things up.  I get to cook a big pot of potatoes and mash them for the dinner plus I am supplying the olives.  We will eat at 2.   Happy Thanksgiving every one!

This is our cute solar lamp that we bought in Beaver at ALCO - It glows almost all night!!  Next to it you can see the cute solar snail I bought with part of my Christmas gift card $$ at Tai Pan Trading - thanks Jamie!

So you can see - we are keeping busy.  Lots of friends, lots of fun!  

Happy Turkey Day!

 By the time I got around to taking a picture of all the tables they were full of people so I took a picture of my table...with Ed's coke can next to the decor.  I had green, yellow and orange tablecloths with a cute napkin and a darling little green and autumn leaf candle holder with an owl sitting at the top of the leaf - then I placed mini candles on each leaf and we lit them.  It made the tent look nice and festive.

I made this necklace at craft day yesterday so I could wear it with my outfit today.  Watch for better pictures to come.  I snapped this while it sat on the kitchen table.  The earrings are large pearls glued onto posts.  Ed thought I looked pretty. 

I missed my whole family so very much today.  I don't think I will spend another Thanksgiving so far away from my beloved children.  At least until they all have grandkids and families of their own to be totally involved in.  I had a wonderful day with lots of friends.  They invited Ed to say Grace which meant much to me as it shows they realize that we are God fearing and God loving people.  I called this Kecia this evening (in response to her call to me that I missed) and found that Kecia and Mauri and Dirk and families all got together for a nice Thanksgiving dinner at Mauri Sue's.  I am so glad.  Shawn and Kris - Dirk - Mauri and Ira- Kelly and Jamie - Kecia and Glenn ...I love you all.  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Astoria and Fort Clatsop

Thursday we had planned to go to the beach again as it was so quiet, gorgeous sandy beaches and we simply didn't want to drive anywhere today...however - the weatherman changed our minds.   We woke up to heavy clouds, no sunshine in sight so we decided to head up to Astoria.  Ed had mentioned the night before that he might want to take me there to the job corps center so when it was too cool to enjoy the out of doors I hopped in the truck with him no realizing that it would take us 11 hours to get back AND I would be in and out of the truck all day - no sweater or jacket!!  I did wear my walking shoes thank heavens.  We didn't even stop at the job corps.  I think Ed realized they wouldn't know who he was anymore!!  
The drive was green and beautiful as all of Washington has been so far.
 I fell in love with these gorgeous flowers -  it's hemlock!!!  Gee, do you just grind it up and put it in the salad of the person you want to get rid of??  Hah!!  Good thing I love Ed, cause this grows like a weed all over this state!  It is still pretty though!
 We went to Ft Stevens, North West of Astoria and found the ocean.  We got out and wandered around for a while, nice sandy beaches.

 There was a neat shipwreck skeleton on the beach.  I have no idea how old it is - it is however, steel not wood.
 What is it about waves that are so mesmerizing?  As you can see, the clouds are heavy overcast - cool, windy, but still beautiful

 Fort Clatsop is the fort that Lewis and Clark built to spend the winter...they had come down the Columbia River and checked out all the different possible wintering sites and finally chose this area (instead of Cape Disappointment farther North) due to the availability of game - elk, deer etc.  They said the first day they arrived they (the 30 members of the whole team) went out and shot 18 elk mainly for the hides so they could replace the ripped, falling apart deerskins they had been living in for the past months and months.  They had lots of protein to keep them alive that winter but very little else.  But they survived and headed back to St Louis leaving Fort Clatsop in March of 1806

 There was a couple of fascinating talks - one was a couple of ladies dressed in deerskin showing how to tan and brain and stretch the hides making them pliable.  Then we went into the fort itself and a fellow was sharing the history of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  Boy, he knew his facts well.  It was so interesting hearing him talk about how excited they were when they were able to buy 300 pounds of whale blubber from the Indians to add to their diet.  He talked about how tired they got of just elk and deer meat and how they would carve off pieces of whale blubber to chew on.  YUMM for sure!!  This fellow here gave a real cute fun explanation of how their rifles worked - how to load, aim and fire them.  He talked about the different guns carried by both Lewis and Clark - and how thankful they were for both types.
 This is a gun turret at Fort Stevens - the only other spot on the continental US that has ever been attacked (other than 9-11) by an enemy.  During WWII a Japanese sub fired on this fort (that had been in existence since the civil war!)...the commander of the fort held fire and after a while the sub went away after deciding that the fort was no longer in existence.   The guns would come up and over the edge of the wall and fire huge cannons 8 inches or bigger and then return down into the hole in the ground so they were completely hidden from anyone at sea.  This fort was about a mile or two from the ocean! The cannons could heft those cannonballs upwards of 10-20 miles away!
 This is the view of the 'whole' held two huge guns and amazing storage rooms for the ammo.
To finish off the day we drove back to Astoria and drove to the top of the town to the Astoria Column.  From the column you have the most fantastic views in 360 degrees.  It was built in the 20's go inside the small door you see on the right side of the white square...and then proceed upwards -150 steps to the top.  I was worried about my knee but the stairs were deeper steps and it didn't hurt the knee but by the time I was half way up I was really feeling like I needed to hang on tight - I was NOT liking the heights!  But I made it up and back down without falling down the stairs!!
 We went across this bridge from Astoria to the island that held both Clatsop and Stevens.
 Here is a little better view of the gorgeous murals up and down the tower.

 The view from above down to the parking lot
 Thick green forests

Another view of the parking lot ---that's our truck in the middle.  It was a grey and wet day and we didn't get back to Sauvie Island until 9 pm that night but we had a great time and learned lots!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Across Oregon

Monday we headed down from Bear Mountain to head to Oregon - first step of the way.  We had waited until Monday to head West from Boise because CamperWorld was supposed to have our new awning in so that we could get it installed before heading off on our trip.  
Not knowing when it would be in we gave up on it and decided to wait until we get back to Boise after our trip through Oregon, Washington, top of Idaho, Montana and back through Idaho and then finally home to Utah.  I decided to post a blog with a few daily pictures.

On our way - the weather is gorgeous...not a cloud in sight!
The first night we went to Emigrant Springs State Park in Oregon - halfway between Le Grande and Pendleton.  It was in the mountains and just simply beautiful
Oregon has some beautiful state parks...hundreds of them!!  Most for day use but many for overnight camping too.  The are
There is actually a freeway behind these trees.  At first we were concerned that it would be noisy and keep us awake at night but we slept right through it all.
This is Ed hooking up the truck to the trailer the next morning.  The picnic table in front of the trailer is where we ate dinner that evening.  I was going to serve breakfast out there too but it was a bit too cool. So we ate in the trailer.  This state park was halfway between LeGrande and Pendleton Oregon....we drove into Pendleton to do some sightseeing.  Evidently in the late 1800's the chinese community dug tunnels under the city to make delivery of laundry and such easier!  A whole underground city developed - a grocery store and restaurant...even an ice cream parlor (taking advantage of the cooler air underground for keeping the ice cream freezers cooler!)  However, it was closed on Tuesdays!!  Bummer !

This is where we stayed Tuesday evening.  Ainsworth State Park...along the Columbia River Gorge area (about 50 miles East of Portland).  This is the view behind our trailer (and of the trailer next door)

I love how the trees are green all over in this country.  Moss doesn't just grow on the North side!
We left Ainsworth State Park about 8:30 in the morning and headed on into Portland and beyond to a lovely little island in the middle of the Columbia River called Sauvie Island.  We got the full tour of the Island as my Google Navigator on my cell phone took us the wrong way TWICE!!!  The island is literally covered with small farms growing flowers and plants and berries and fruit.  Almost every house has a sign in the front yard saying they have fresh dairy or flowers or blueberries or homemade lace for sale.   This is the Columbia River (with a boat right in the middle of the picture)...I was trying to get a picture of Mt St Helen's.  Its there, but you will have to double click the picture to see it.

This was a big barge that went up the river while we were enjoying the beach.  It was one of several that went by and would create big waves after it went by.  I thought it looked like it might be fun for body surfing and waded out into the river to try it but the water was tooooo cold.  I said forget IT!!    Note please the beautiful blue sky...that is the only blue sky we have seen since Wednesday!!   It did clear up this afternoon (about 4:45) but was rainy and cool all day long till then.  Jo says that tomorrow will likely be the same! Oregon/Washington weather!

I loved this old tree on the pathway from the road to the beach!!!   It looks like it spent years growing in the water
Thursday morning we woke up to cool weather and so decided to leave the trailer at the campground where we were staying on Sauvie Island and head to Astoria.  

Hopefully I can get this to publish like I want to and will update you with our trip to Fort Clatsop and Washington State in a couple of days

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cold Springs Trout Farm

 We headed to Cold Springs Trout Farm to have a fun family time.  Ed and I and Makae met Mauri who had Adriana, Jerod, Joshua, Caleb and also Cade and Ethan, and Kecia, Jace, Emma and Leah.  Adrie really didn't want to fish so she carried Leah around and helped her enjoy the fish from a distance.  Meanwhile all of the other kids grabbed a fishing pole and bucket and headed over to the pool of fish.  What a fun time!!!  The only complaint to be had is that they had to QUIT fishing  because we couldn't afford to catch any more!  

 10 of my 16 grandkids...far left is Makae, Ethan, Cade, Caleb, Jerod, Grandpa Ed, Josh, daughter Mauri, JACE, Emma, Leah and Adrie and daughter Kecia.   We missed the other cousins - Dirk wasn't able to bring his boys up like planned and Brayden wasn't feeling well so Jamie stayed home with him and Taylie and Hudson.
 Here is Kecia helping Emma catch a fish - she got quite discouraged before she actually (with mama's help) caught a fish!
 Adriana with miss Leah Rose ...
 Emma caught her fish and then wasn't sure she wanted to get near it!

 We finally got her to hold the line when it quit splashing water on her - I can imagine what she would have done if she had had to put the worm on the hook!!

 Here Emma is at the bowery where grandpa Ed cooked the fish and we had a yummy lunch.  She thought that the fish was pretty tasty.

Cute grin from Leah...Caleb in the background.  I think Caleb was the only one who didn't like his fish...I didn't think he even tried it but he is holding his fish plate in his hands here.  Did he taste the fish?  

We made some good memories  today though.  Cold Springs Trout Farm offers a chance to come and fish WITHOUT  having to buy a license, bring our own gear, or bait our hooks.  They charge you per the size of fish that you catch with the average price being about $4.50 per fish.  That includes gutting, cleaning and filleting the fish for you!!!   We brought charcoal briquets and lemon juice to cook them with.  We had forgetten the salt and pepper so they loaned us a large jar of seasoning salt and we had also forgotten plates, silverware or napkins (we were brought our lunches - didn't really plan on eating the fish there until Cade and Ethan showed up without lunches)...anyway, I took the aluminum foil that we brought to cook the fish on and created out own plates!!  And we ate the fish with our fingers!!  MEMORIES!!

As we were leaving we found this lady at an upper pool where she and her husband were fishing for fingerlings to feed the parrot on her shoulder.  We decided next time we came we would fish in this pond as they would probably only cost a buck a fish...the fun for lots less money!

Grandma went through about $5 worth of quarters buying fish food for the kids to toss to the fish.  
 Cade, Ethan, Jerod, and I think Caleb and Josh all had fun catching the fish with their bare hands!!
This is a definite redo in the future.  Next time we will come more prepared but I don't think we could have any MORE fun than we had today!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Playing in the water!

I had the chance to have a couple of my grand daughters come stay with me for three days and two .nights.   We had so much fun.  I knew that four year old Emma would be tickled pink to come spend a couple of days but I really was afraid that Leah would be very unhappy to see mama Kecia and daddy Glenn leave..I dreaded bedtime because I just knew that she would be inconsolable .    Surprisingly enough she was all smiles and didn't mind in the least when her mom and dad left.  We got out the toys and started a two day party.  Grandma Susan had bought their favorite foods, black berries, goldfish, string cheese, and gogurt.  'We had a ball.  Miss Leah wanted to follow sister down the stairs every time Emma headed down.  At first I blocked off the stairs so she couldn't get through but about the time I needed to run downstairs to grab another mini chair for the kids table and had to climb THRU the block I said, uh uhh.  Knowing that Glenn was really afraid of Leah falling down the stairs I quickly helped Leah realize that she didn't go down the stairs without holding onto my hand.  Not only did the girls mind me without question, they ate anything I fed them and they slept for a good 12 hours every night.  During the day I was worn to a frazzle trying to keep up with Miss Leah.  She doesn't stop!  As fast as I cleaned up toys and stuff, she was pulling something else out.  Once they woke up I had NO time for bath, no nap, no cleaning!  The first night it took Leah two hours to settle down and go to sleep.  She took an hour and a half nap the next day but she usually had a 3 hour nap at home.  Thinking I had 3 hours for a bath and a nap I spent 45 minutes mopping the floor and  picking up toys when she went down for her nap.  I barely had time for a nice soak and ended up with a quick nap when she woke up WAYYYY to early.  At that point, grandma got smart.  The girls and I headed outside and played in the swimming pool and with Great grandpa's clown for over two hours.  Then we headed back in the house, changed clothes and went to visit Great grandpa Merritt.  After that I took them to Arctic Circle for supper and let them play for another hour and a half on the climbing stairs and slippery slides.  They had a  ball.  It got up to 90 degrees in that play area though and so I finally called it quits.  Let me tell you, THEY slept the second night.  In fact Leah went to bed at 7 pm and didn't wake up until 8 am the next morning!  Emma is fantastic - she wakes up earlier than Leah but gets up quietly and finds something to entertain herself without making any noise.  Good training mom!    When Kecia  and Glenn got back on Saturday they slipped quietly in the house to surprise Emma - and they got the surprise when "Emma took one look at them and burst into tears, saying "I don't want to go home".  We had had too much fun - we even put some 100 piece puzzles together.  Emma is so full of love and so full of joy - 

The first day I had this set up on a more level area and had about 5 inches of water in the pool.  The second day we had to put more water back in the pool and the main hose was hooked  up to the clown head so we moved the pool right over by the fence so the front yard hose could stretch and fill the pool.  Leah quickly realized that by stepping on the side of the pool she had easy access in and out - trouble was it made easy access for the water to run out too!
This 30 year old clown head belonged to my dad and as we went through the house and picked out things we wanted I grabbed this clown head as I had years and years of memories of my kids and then my grandkids playing with this fun water toy every 4th of July in grandpa's back yard.
It didn't take Emma very long to figure out how to make it work right
Just a cute girl!  Miss Leah and her fun grin

The clown hat - get the water pressure going just right and the hat balances on the stream of water

Cute huh!
Emma loved it - Leah didn't want to get sprayed.  She preferred the pool

After Emma and got this 100 piece puzzle put together I told her we needed a picture of her with it before we put it back in the box
My cute Emma!                                                                                                                                                              

All in all - we had a great time.  Leah has decided that grandma is as fun to be around as mama - I had a great time.  I was ready to go soak in the hot tub by the time Saturday was over.  Thanks again Kecia and Glenn for letting me enjoy your girls