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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fluff ball

A few posts ago, on Kecia's blog she showed you this cute dress that she got back from her sister Mauri and Mauri's daughter, Adrie Anna. I had given it to Mauri when Adrie was a four years old and Adrie was adorable in it. Then Mauri put it away until now. Kecia took the dress that was 24 years old!! home and washed it and put new ribbons on it and it looks like new in her blog. I have been hunting for THIS picture ever since because I thought it would be fun for all to see what a precious little fluff ball Kecia made - she would have been four years old the year this picture was taken. I can't wait for three more years until Emma is four - and can wow us all again!

Wasn't she a dolly?

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MaryAnn said...

Yes she was! And to think I met her a little while after this in Kindergarten...I remember her hair like that! What fun "old" pictures!