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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A life time of collecting!

Guess what.......I'm back, just like a bad penny!!!   I have spent hours this last week cleaning out cupboards and finding a bunch of other stuff.  There are a whole lot of books...most of which are church books but there are others too...I will list the non-church books first and then the odds and ends found in the kitchen cupboards (and downstairs)...then I will list all of the books!!  Hopefully all items will fit in one blog

a kit to make a counted cross stitch Christmas stocking
The Quail Jill made at Monte Vista in about 1966
One of mom's gorgeous orange glass vases
More of the same (tall thin vase has been taken)

The final piece in her orange glass set - anyone decorating in orange?
I think this is a grandfather with two kids...I might be a dad

mom painted and fired this years ago - probably mid 70'

Two plastic bowls - Happy Halloween and Happy Santa
4th of July....cups, salt and pepper shakers, lights and napkin holder
silver plate
Avon 4th of July wind chimes
tableclothes anyone
take out the greenery and you have a darling metal bird cage
ideals books, Christmas book
Flower and bird books
Cute french onion soup bowls (4)
Chili or soup mugs (4)
Mend it kit

glass pie plates (3)
replacement lamp bulb
set of steak knives
four cup measuring cup
"Freedom is not Free" mug
sewing supplies
light up pouporri  jar
food that has not expired (:-D)
storage candle
Fall topper for jar candles
nutcracker bowl and crackers
cheese slicer
sugar jar
cold heat soldering gun
smaller level (battery operated)
set of three crystal salt shakers 
nicer 100 foot measuring tape
glass pitcher
nesting sieves
half gallon vinegar
tupperware pie mat
waffle maker
mom's recipe boxes
caliper in nice wooden box
1932 music book
"A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War
Norman Rockwell's History of Scouting
Reader's Digest "How In the World?"

Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of Horses, Plains of Passage and Shelters of Stone - first four books of Jean  Auel's series

Decades of the 20th Century
The Osmands
Take Care of Yourself

Book 4 of Jerry Borrowman's WWII seried
LDS love story by Jack Weyland, author of Charly
Self Esteem for Latter Day Saint Women by Anita Stanfield
Woman's Reach by Belle Spafford

LaVell Edwards

No More Strangers
On Wings of Faith
Just to Illustrate by LeGrand Richards
The Messiah in Ancient America

LDS Stories of Faith and Courage , Amos Wright (LDS books for young people) The Faith of our Pioneer Fathers

God's Greatest Gift by Theodore M Burton (temples)
Mormon Doctrine

Volume 6 & 8 of the Work and the Glory
Book 1 and 2 of The Kingdom and the Crown
Hallowed Journey - cassette tape dramatization
The First 2000 Years by Cleon Skousen
Saints at War
What is a Miracle?
Why I believe (various authors)

Howard W Hunter
Celestial Pursuit  - LDS trivia game
The Restored Church (used as seminary book YEARS ago)

More bird books
study guides for D&C, Book of Mormon, Old Testament and the Apostles
The Christmas Box
The Christmas Box Miracle
 Avon brand Duck (to store men's stuff)
 Easter Egg with bunny (two of them, I couldn't reach them by the time I took this picture and my knee was too tired to climb up on a chair...the other Egg is right to the left of this one)
 set of two speakers

Glass box
 decorative egg
 Easter bell
ceramic Easter basket