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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cute babies

I went south again yesterday to Lehi and Provo. Fun visit with Kecia and Da - and lots of play time with Emma and Simon and Ben.

Benji is growing up so fast. I love how green his eyes look in this picture. Must be the shirt. He was having a rough day today - he is trying to get three new teeth at the same time. OWWW! We got to watch the second DVD of Monsters Inc - it was fantastic. The outtakes were hilarious and all of the information on the story line and story board. It kept Simon and Benji and I entertained for the couple of hours that we watched. Melinda had a chance to go to the temple and I got to play with the boys.

Simon was sitting in his Bumbo just grinning at grandma. He is such a sweetie. While we were watching the movie he just got softer and softer as he lay his head on my shoulder and slept for about an hour. I don't think there is ANYTHING more precious than the feel of a sleeping baby in your arms.

I hit Provo first and spent a couple of hours with Kecia and Emma. Kecia and Glenn have been busy painting the lower cupboards and haven't replaced the magnetic closures on them yet. Emma has a favorite cupboard that she empties out for her mom on a regular basis. She was so excited to see Granma and was just full of her cute grins. Her mom and dad have just discovered how much fun playing with bubbles can be. Thus the video

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turn your head sideways!!

I was going through some older pictures and came upon this cute video of Ben and the yarn balls - he still gets excited when I show up at his house with the BALLS! I think I had problems downloading it before or maybe I didn't try because it was sideways. But since this is a blog just for family you all won't care.

TAGGED again!

Well - this is the fourth file in my files - 2006...and the fourth picture in that file. It is one of my favorites 0 have you ever seen a more beautiful family??

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloweeny Tag


I have been booed...meaning some sort of spooky halloween tag

What was your favorite halloween costume as a kid? I was always a witch!

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Peanut Butter kisses!

Any Halloween traditions? Going up to my dads with all my kids and now grandkids!

Have you ever played a trick instead of giving a treat? we always carried a bar of soap in our bags to get the bah humbugs who wouldn't leave us a treat!

Do you carve your own pumpkins? Not since the pre carved plug in pumpkins came out!

Where have you trick or treated? In Roy and In Kaysville as a kid; in Texas and Layton with my kids!

What was the best Halloween you remember? The year I was a witch and had Mauri's live rat on my shoulder and dry ice in my cauldron where the candy was. I had kids that wouldn't even come to my door!!

I boo (at least three people) Kecia, Jamie, Melinda, and anyone else who wants to do it

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day with Da

I spent Thursday and Friday in Lehi visiting with Da and playing with the boys. We went to Thanksgiving Point where Ben got to ride on the ponies (new word) and laugh at the goats. He played with the goats for 30 minutes - running back and forth between the two cages and laughing at them . He was totally unimpressed with the fact that it was the "Halloween Boo" with fun clowns making balloons, ring tosses and free cookie decorating booths. The weather was great and Mr Simon really enjoyed his afternoon out in the sunshine. That night I got to watch the boys while Melinda got cleaned up cute and headed out to book club. She brought me home a delicious hot cinnemon roll which I gobbled up - half that night and half the next morning!

Friday morning the boys slept in. We sent Melinda off to get the oil changed and make a few other stops (it is SO much easier just getting one person in and out of the car, rather than trying to buckle and unbuckle two cars seats plus your own,,,right DA? ) I called her while she was out and sent her to a few more spots looking for surgical tubing. When I first told her what we needed she said "WHAT?" I thought - she's been married to Dirk for almost THREE years and she doesn't know what surgical tubing is??? WOW!! We needed it for the juicer but none of the three drugstores she went to had it. While she was gone, Kecia showed up with Emma to bring back the canner (Emma's drum!) and we proceeded to can 8 qts of tomatoes and 6 qts of grape juice.

Here you see Simon helping with the canning. Ben was taking a nap and Simon wanted to be a part of the fun. He is demonstrating the proper way to insert your foot into the rack for best tangling purposes. You will also note the firm hold he has on the rack and he wasn't really happy with grandma when she decided she needed to use the canner and didn't want to share her toy with Simon any more.

This week Melinda got to keep the tomatoes (last week they were Kecia's and the two of them each got 3 qts of grapes - thanks to Kristanne for her grapes. The juice ended up being a real pretty purplish pink because they were a combination of concord (purple) and red grapes. We were able to pick out the green grapes and eat them. I cut up a whole plate full of green and red grapes for Ben and then he decided he didn't want them. So I fed them to Emma. She liked em!

Finally - I took this video of my youngest three grandkids. Ben had been tossing Elmo around saying Melmo, Melmo so I got out my camera. Of course then he stopped and got really interested in the movie he had been watching. No grand pictures but cute kids anyway!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Getting to Know You Questions

Where is your cell phone?: In my back pocket - that way I can't hear it ring!
Your significant other?: In Kentucky
Your hair?: TOO blonde - adding some brown highlights on Tuesdat\y
Your mother?: wonderful
Your Father?: great example
Your favorite place?: Maui
Your dream last night?:Spending money
Your favorite drink?: Pepsi
Your dream/goal?: To go on a mission with my hubby
The room you're in?: Living Room
Your fear?: riding a motorcycle (but we are working on it!)
Where do you want to be in 6 years?: RV'ing all across the nation
Where were you last night?: Lehi, watching my two grandsons while Melinda went to a book club mtg.
Why you're not motivated?: Not motivatged? I bottled tomato juice, grape juice and vacuumed out my car today!
Muffins?: If they are almond poppy seed.
One of your wish list items?: Just got it yesterday... a new kitchen table and chairs!
Where you grew up: Kaysville
The last thing you did: Searched the internet for surgical tubing.
What are you wearing?: Jeans and a gray and black sweater.
Your TV?: "only gets turned on for the ten oclock news
Your pets?: ED?
Your computer?: Dell -Inspiron 6000 - got it for Christmas almost three years ago!
Your life?: Just the way I like it.
Your mood?: Excited - Ed is flying home tonight - haven't seen him since a week ago Tuesday!
Missing someone?: Dirk!
Your car?: CRV
Something you're not wearing?: shoes.
Favorite store: Today it is the new DI in Layton - they have the bestest stuff!
Your summer?: SOOOOOOO FUN!
Your favorite color?: peach
When is the last time you laughed?: Probably at Da's house with Ben and Simon and Kecia and Emma and Melinda!
Last time you cried?: A month ago when I couldn't afford all the meds the pharmacist was trying to sell me!
Four places I would rather be right now: On a cruise, In Germany with Ed, Hawaii or Mazatlan.
Four of my favorite foods: Foods are the enemy right now - I don't know - fresh tomato sandwiches, anything Tex Mex, low carb rocky road ice cream, no bake cookies!
Four people I think will post this on their blog: Kecia, Melissa, Makae, Joy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas came early!!

I mentioned to a couple of you that the new Deseret Industries was opening in Layton this week. It is a wonderful place. It has the bishops storehouse; the Dry Pack Food Storage; the employment services; the social services; the distribution center; the DI; and it will have the humanitarian workshop also soon. It is the first consolidated services building in the church. They have been telling us for weeks that the new building was going to open on the 15-16-17 of October. I guess they had a special dedicatory meeting last night and this morning at ten am it opened to the public. AND THE PUBLIC CAME!!!! Cheryl and I got there after a quick morning walk - about 10:05 and there was NO place to park!! It was packed. People were driving around and around and around hoping that someone would come OUT of the store and let them have their parking space. NOT... Cheryl let me off to run in and see if there were any scout shirts as she needed a blue one and a tan one for some of her cubs. Then she drove over to Sams Club and parked!! And walked back across the street.

I got inside and found the shirts she needed. Then I wandered over to the infants wear - didn't see anything I really liked in Simon's size and then I spotted the little girls dresses ... oh dear! I only bought one. There was a peach colored fluffy dress that I would have loved to buy but another lady got it first and I didn't think it was proper to knock her down and grab it out of her hands- it being a church owned building and all. BUT only $4!!! I wanted that dress!

Then I headed back to the costumes and they had some great ones - there was the cutest spider costume that would have fit Simon or Emma but I didn't have my cell phone with me and so I didn't dare buy it. I looked for donkey costumes for Emma and there weren't any.

I had been told that they had saved all the good donations from all of the DI's across Utah to put in this store for its grand opening. And they had some goooooood stuff. They had some really nice quilted vests - brand new - for $25.

Then I wandered over to the furniture department, because, as you know, I had decided my table was way too big for just the two of us and I've been looking for a smaller table. Since our family has gotten so big we never use the table to feed the whole family. We end up all over the house.

And I found it!!! Its is perfect... a round table in woods that match my china hutch with four light blue padded chairs...perfect match for my kitchen.

It was only $80 for the whole set!! and it looks brand new! feels good too. That will be this weeks grocery money and since Ed will be out of town again - I won't need many groceries!
Mauri is going to take my old set - her chairs are wearing out and my old set had six chairs - so there will be a chair for every one in their family!! Fun!! I guess I will have to give her my long tableclothes too since they will be too big for this one. Gee - I will actually have something I want to buy in Mexico when we go this winter!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


CAUTION - BORING BLOG!! Read only at your own risk!!

It seems like every time I go to the doctor I get put on another pill. I must say that I am feeling alot better this last few weeks than I have for a long time. I think that having my saliva and blood tested for hormone levels and then working with the doctor and the pharmacist to correct those levels has really helped. I have alot more energy and I am getting alot more accomplished lately. I still worry about the chemical mix in my body as I take all these pills - Just to get an idea I have listed them ALL out for you
Rx: morning noon dinner bedtime
Bi-Est Pro/DHEA - vag sup. (hormone replacement)bedtime
Detrol LA 2mg (for overactive bladder) 1 morning
Lisinopril 20 mg (to protect my kidneys from diabetes meds) 1 morning
Pro Biotics VSL #3 DS (for diahhrea) (1 month only) 1 morning/bedtime
Nexium 20 mg (for heartburn) 1 noon
Metformin 1000 mg (for diabetes) 1 morning/dinner
Pravastatin 10 mg (for high tryglycerides) -have Rx -not taking it
Lovasa (fish oil) 1GM (for high tryglycerides) 1 morning/dinner
Foot cream ½ to 1 ml rubbed into L5-6 or feet -Amitryptalene; Clonidine ; Gabapentin; Ketophrophen and Ketamine (for foot neuropathy) rubbed into lower spine bedtime/as needed.
Ibuprofen 800 mg As needed (for foot neuropathy and/or aching joints) usually at bedtime
Nascobal nasal spray (B12) once weekly (for foot neuropathy)
Garapentin (Neurontin) 100 mg (for foot neuropathy) morning/dinner/bedtime
Ropinirole (Requip) 1 mg tid (for foot neuropathy) morning/dinner/bedtime
Tramadol (Ultram) 50 mg bid (for foot neuropathy) -have Rx-not taking it
Zolpidem (ambien) 10 mg (sleeping) -have Rx-not taking it
Over the Counter - MD suggested
Complete Multivitamin - 1 at dinner
Glucosamine Chondroitin 1500/1200 mg (for aching joints) dinner
Calcium Citrate +D3 630 mg/400 IU (for bones and lowVit. D levels in hormones) breakfast/ dinner
Magnesium with Zinc 400 mg/15 mg - breakfast/dinner
L-Arginine Powder [pharmacist recommended-for foot neuropathy) bedtime
1 Tylenol PM tablet (instead of ambien to help sleep) bedtime

Thank Heavens for great insurance because the prescription drugs cost me a total of $47 a month- soon to drop to $18 a month as I quit taking the pro biotics (which has really helped) and I change from a prescription for Lovasa ($22 a month) to OTC fish oil pills - probably about $8 worth a month. I will have to check in Mexico and see if I can get them cheap there.

I quit taking the Ambien last weekend - Dr Anderson has been concerned that I am (and I AM) addicted to them - though I must not be too addicted as it only takes me about three bad nights and I am off of them. After I did a trial run of no Ambien last summer I found that I could either take the ambien and sleep all night or not take it and be awake for a minimum of three hours each night with foot neuropathy pain and itching and burning - and/or restless leg syndrome which is another discomfort altogether. So I finally talked Dr. Anderson into sending me to a neurologist. And he did - last week I went to see Dr. Chowdhury at Tanner Clinic. He put me on SIX new tablets every day!! Three Neurontin and three Requip - morning, dinner, and bedtime. And they have helped!! As I said, I d/c'd the Ambien last weekend and I am now sleeping most of the night. I do wake up every couple of hours but I can simply roll over and go back to sleep. ...and best of all I am off the Ambien which was addicting.

Another pill I have taken myself off of for a short while is my cholesterol med, Pravastatin. It has very strong warnings that if I start to get muscle aches to contact my Dr. immediately. I was on a different statin last spring and started having deep horrid muscle aches all over my body. I went in to see my Dr. and he took me off that onefor about a month and then put me on Pravastatin. Its been about three months now and the aches weren't all over my body but in my left arm, in my right foot and in my lower back. So I quit taking it. It hasn't been helping my Tryglicerides anyway...I will go back on it in about one month and see if the pains return. If they do I will go see the Dr. I hope the Lovasa (fish oil) will help the tryglycerides. I don't know why I have high 'good' cholesterol...I eat very few eggs and not alot of meat - AND not a lot of fat...most everything is low fat. YUCK. I really eat quite healthy - blah!

I also will soon go off the Pro Biotics = they have helped greatly and maybe that is one reason why I've been feeling better. Before this regimin, I would have uncontrollable diahhrea and who knows how much good any of the pills I was taking was doing, cause they went right through my system!!

One more thing I will go off of as soon as I complete the stuff I have at home is the vitamin B12. I have never felt like it has done me that much good.

Well - enuf already - I need to go up and put a disclaimer at the first of this blog - CAUTION - BORING BLOG!! Read only at your own risk

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Can you believe I was up at 6:30 am and running outside to pick apples and squash? I forgot all about them yesterday and when I woke so early and looked outside at the winter wonderland I decided it was still only (!!!) 32 degrees and maybe the fruit wouldn't be frozen yet. I know it always is colder before the dawn so I got up and got bundled and picked one whole box of apples. Still gobs and gobs left on the trees. Then I went around to each of the fruit trees and shook the snow out of them so they wouldn't lose any branches. It is still snowing lightly but the temperature has gone UP to 33 now so I don't think they are in too much danger of losing branches now. The cherry tree is SOLID ...I shook it and it didn't move!! WOW
I also picked the winter squash that i could see!! It was still dark out and everything is covered with snow.
MAN!! I think I will get out my Christmas Music!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Do blondes really have more fun??

Well - I took a vote and the consensus was that I go and have my hair frosted... I wish I had stuck with Jamie's idea of just dying it red!! I really like the frost job but last time I had it done (years and years ago) it was frost on top of brown...and now it is frost on top of grey!!! So it looks really blond and my skin doesn't do well with blonde!! The sylist told me that I could come back this next week and she would pull a little bit through and dye it brown...I am thinking seriously of adding so brown to the mix especially around my face. I just don't like the thoughts of getting older and older...but I'd rather the wrinkles and grey hair than the alternative!! Where's that fountain of youth when we need it?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We went camping!

I will post these pictures on the since my cute background shows up THROUGH the pictures!

This is a picture that I took on Saturday the 27th of September when we took our four wheelers and went up to Curtis Creek and spent the day enjoying the gorgeous scenery. I was disappointed because it was washed out but it still shows the beauty we enjoyed that day. The quakies were so fantastic. I had never seen them turn red before!!

When Ed found out that he was going to be in Kentucky for the whole month of October we decided we better camp while we could - it will be winter by the time he will be home for more than Friday night till Monday morning again. We headed back up to the Monte Cristo area with Grandpa Nielson on Wednesday the 1st of October. We camped at a new spot called Dry Bread Pond and it was a really nice campground. There are some really pretty camping spots in both Dry Bread Pond and Dry Bread Hollow. When we parked the trailer we didn't realize we were so close to the pond. Dad took this picture the next day of our camp site.We were disappointed that there were not more trails to four wheel on but we still managed several good rides. Ed took us up on Wednesday evening after work and got our camp all set up and then Thursday morning he headed back down to Clearfield to work. Dad and I slept in till about 9 am that morning and had a lazy breakfast when all of a sudden dad said "There's a moose!!". He was sitting so he had a good view of the hillside to the North. We both grabbed our camera's and headed outside to take some pictures. He hung around long enough for me to put my batteries back in my camera and let us snap pictures of him and then he headed back up into the trees just West of the pond.

Dad and I enjoyed Thursday - the sun was shining and it was a fantastic Fall day. We hopped on the ATV's and headed out to see where the trails led. We found a few other people camping but most of the area was empty. We followed the ATV trail to the North until it dead ended about two miles away. It was so funny - as we left the main dirt road and moved onto the ATV trail I noticed a 'jump' - very quickly I realized that they were speed bumps and they came every 1oo feet or so. Jamie thought the speed bumps were to see how fast you could go over them :-)

This is a view from the end of the trail on our first ride - we headed back down the trail, back past our campground and across the main highway to Dry Bread Hollow - we found a couple good prospective routes for later on and headed back to the trailer. We spent the afternoon eating, napping and reading in the sunshine. Very relaxing. We went on another nice long ATV ride down Dry Bread Hollow. I was following my dad at this point and stopped my bike to take a picture of this gorgeous alley of trees. Dad had just disappeared around the bend or else you would see him on the four wheeler on the road ahead of me. I think there are about 10 miles of trails on that side of the highway and it was a fun ride. Later on, we watched the moose as he showed up again that evening and dad and I both took more pictures. After dinner I was cleaning up the dishes and we were listening to the Palin-Biden debate when all of a sudden my trailer door opened...and there was Harley dog!!! And Kelly ...and Jamie. What a fun surprise. They decided at the last minute to come up and camp over night with us. We loved having them there. Jamie had gotten friday off so they were able to spend the night and all day the next day with us - camping and chasing mooses and riding ATV's. I think the only thing they didn't get to do was find some real good 4-wheel drive roads to try out his fancy new tires (for his truck) on.
This is friend moose that came to visit each day - actually, each morning and each evening. He had white legs!! We decided his mother was the abominable snowman.

The night Kelly and Jamie came they could
hear noises like the moose was moving through the brush or trees and actually thought maybe it was fighting with a bear or something. About five minutes later Kelly and Jamie could hear water splashing. Once they realized that was what they were hearing Kelly jumped on Ed's ATV and headed over to see what was going on. I ran around to the back of our trailer and jumped on my ATV, slowing down as I went past the front door to see if Jamie wanted to ride with me. She said no, she would stay behind with Harley. When we got over near the pond Kelly and I both could see that there were FIVE moose - the bull was on the hillside watching out for the others, one cow was closer to the water and one cow and the two calves were IN the water splashing around!! It was totally dark outside but Kelly had Ed's MAG flashlight and the headlights on our ATV's also showed us what was going on. They all took off across the top of the pond and into the trees - we watched them all disappear. It was sooooo neat.

Here you can see the moose as he heads down the hill to the pond for a drink of water. He really was not scared of people or of ATV's - he's put up with them all summer after all. Harley was such a good baby Thursday night. He slept up on the big queen sized bed in the back of the trailer with Jamie and Kelly and we didn't hear a sound out of him all night long. Friday morning Kelly took Harley for a ride on the ATV's...Harley was not impressed! Later on, Jamie and I headed out for a nice ride over on the Dry Bread Hollow roads - that main trail is straight South for about five miles. and then we continued down the main road. I could see a silver truck heading North on that road coming towards me and my first thought was - it's Kelly but then I thought - he couldn't have gotten ahead of us and the road doesn't connect in anywhere else. I started to pull over so it could get past me but then I realized he had already pulled way off the road and was waiting for me. I was trying to figure out how to flash at him that there was another four wheeler in my party behind me but she had disappeared (you hold two fingers up to show there are 'two' of you. All of a sudden I realized it WAS Kelly and Harley!! As we had ridden down the main trail I had led Jamie up and back down a couple of side trails - so Kelly had driven all the way down and was on his way back up to find us when we showed up. Jamie came a couple minutes later - she had stopped to see the baby lamb that was staying close to his mama who was dead...I think she wanted to put him on the 4 wheeler with her but he wouldn't get too close to her.

We chatted for a second and then I headed down the trail - I went about 500 yards and realized that Jamie wasn't coming so I stopped and waited and sure enough she shows up with a Harley on her lap. He had thrown a fit when 'mama' had shown up and he wanted to ride with her. He was literally on her lap and made the driving difficult. We slowly went on down the rest of the road and when I got there here comes Harley and Jamie just a truckin! She had finally forced him to sit behind her and he realized that he could stick his head out to the side and get the wind in his face. He loved it!! Four wheelin Harley dog!!We headed back to the camp area, and Harley got back in the truck with Kelly - they headed off somewhere else and we four wheeled back to the trailer. Grandpa told us all about how the moose had shown up again for about 20 minutes - the moose had wandered in and out of the pond area and then walked clear across the hill to the trees just west of our trailer. He said he could hear the moose huffing - or making a huffing noise as he walked.

About noon that same day, the moose came back. Kelly and Harley were still off trucking some where and Jamie grabbed her camera and took of running across the field to get some good pictures of the moose. I panicked just knowing the moose was gonna attack her and I hopped on the ATV to save her, hoping that the moose couldn't outrun a four wheeler! Of course she was fine and although she got within 150 feet of the moose he didn't attack. Later on dad built a fire and we enjoyed sitting around a campfire before they headed back home.

So I think the three of them had a great time and they headed back home about 2:30 that afternoon. Dad and I lay down for a nap at that time and my dad really slept good for a solid two hours. I worked on my indexing offline after about a twenty minute nap and got several hundred names indexed.

We sat and read for another hour - the clouds were building and it was looking like it was going to rain and finally started clearing up. We knew Ed was coming and we knew that Kecia and Glenn and Emma would be there soon too, but about 5:25 we decided to bundle up and go for another ATV ride. We got hats and gloves and coats on and I ran back into the trailer to grab my camera and I heard dad say, no hurry, they are here... and sure enough, the Gilliams had arrived. They unloaded the whole car full of Emma stuff !! It was amazing how much easier it was on Kelly and Jamie to pack and come up compared to Emma - But Emma was a darling and well worth all the work her mama and daddy had to do to come camping. Ed arrived just in time for dinner and the clouds kept moving in.

Glenn and Kec took Emma on a ATV ride and she loved it. Laughing and hollering all the way. We thoroughly enjoyed Emma and her parents Friday night. We had drug in some wood and built a fire that night and roasted marshmellows after dinner. We listened to the radio as BYU beat Utah State and fed marshmellows to Emma. That night she really didn't want to lay down and go to sleep but she finally made it...until about midnight. I heard her crying a couple of times and I heard her giggling a couple of times. Kecia said she was awake until about 4 am... she ended up in the bed with mom and dad the rest of the night !! That was a first for them too!

Saturday morning was a bust weather wise. It was rainy and wet and cold.... grandma and mama took Emma for a nother ride and I got to see how much she loved the ride. Kec was driving and I was holding her and she would stand on my leg and literally bounce as she oohed and laughed and giggled - it was soooo cute.
Poor Glenn was coming down with a head cold when they got there on Friday afternoon and it went from bad to worse. He actually sounded better Saturday morning after a night's sleep but pretty soon he was sounding hoarse and not good. Ed fed him a couple of Alka Seltzer's and they helped. We finally gave up on the weather and had lunch about 2 pm and then they packed up and headed home. We got packed up and were gone within an hour of them so we probably all got home about the same time. It was wet and rainy - 41 degrees on top of the mtn and warming up to 50 when we got to Layton. I am glad that it didn't snow on us.

Here is a short video taken Friday morning as Glenn slept and Emma looked cute in Grandpa Ed's hat.

The trip was so fun...My dad loved the camping and so did I. It wasn't too much fun for Ed but I am so glad he did this for me before he heads to Kentucky on Tuesday. It was great having my kids there and Ed and I decided we have been too selfish with our camping this summer and need to make sure we have camping time with all of our kids and grandkids next summer when it warms up again. Plan on it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

High School - Wow can I remember that far back?

1. Did you date someone from your high school?: Yes
2. What kind of car did you drive?: I walked (yes, uphill both ways in the snow...and we didn't get to wear PANTS!
3. What is your most embarrassing moment in high school?: my damaged psyche has hidden those memories!
4. Were you a party animal?: Nope
5. Were you considered a flirt?: nope
6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?: nope
7. Were you a nerd?: Probably - very shy
8. Were you on any varsity teams?: no but I was in Pro Schola!
9. Did you get suspended/expelled? : Nope
10. Can you still sing the fight song? : Sure - just ask my kids how I embarrass them each year at the Kaysville Parade when the band goes by!!
11. Who were your favorite teachers?: Mrs Hill
12. Where did you sit during lunch?: Usually in the lunch room - they wouldn't let us go anywhere else to sit.
14. Did you go to homecoming and with who?: Yes, with Coleman Scheuller (JoAnn Hill was SO jealous!)
15. If you could go back and do it again, would you?: yes
16. What do you remember most about graduation?: Saying good bye to all my friends
17. Where did you go senior skip day?: It was my first day at work at a new little restaurant :-(
18. Have you gained weight since then?: Yes - five kids worth plus lots of grey hair
19. Who was your prom date?: Dean - my mom was mad for years that I didn't marry him! Merrilee finally got through to her that he never asked!! And I am soooo glad I got Ed instead

20. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion?: Did next one will be my 45th!! And yes I will go because I am in charge!

21. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself?: Not to be so shy. I did lots of fun things my senior year, Seminary Student body Secretary, Debate team, Pro Schola, President of the AFS club ...but I still thought I was a nobody. Also I would definitely take Drama instead of Debate.
If you read this your tagged!

Passion Day

As always I am a day late and a dollar short but the thoughts presented in this video make this worth watching!
(Tuesday was Passion Day!)

Right now I am feeling a need to help children throughout the world ...I went to a fireside Sunday presented by Southern Cross Humanitarian explaining that in South America alone there are 40 million children living on the streets. Their parents have died or have abandoned them. There are 6 year old children living in the streets taking care of their four year old and two year old brothers!! This group ( helps with orphanages and with drop in sites, and they are just beginning to make a small dent in the need. They place the children in an orphanage where they are fed and loved and educated. These children have emotional problems that need to be fixed after their abandonment.

Each child they help is a life saved.

Tonight I went with my relief society to the Humanitarian Service Center in Centerville where we packed 112+ cases of hygiene kits . The church put together 90,000 kits and distributed them at the time of Hurrican Ike alone. I am hoping that when Ed and I retire and put in our papers for a mission that we will be able to serve a Humanitarian mission. I want to help. Some one Some where.

For now I will continue to knit hats. I hope and pray that they help someone ....somewhere.