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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Festival of Trees

After I left Lehi today I headed to South Jordan to the Festival of Trees. As always there are more gorgeous trees than you know what to do with. Sad to say, as I wandered through the trees I still had my camera on video.

Go ahead and play this video - it shows the tree and then garbledygook and then focuses in on the statues in the front of the tree.

So you will need to go to the end of this blog to see the rest of Randy and Colleen's tree. The tree was purchased by Robert Allphin and if I remember right, they run the mortuary in Beaver. When you get to them don't play the video...just look at the still picture. And yes, I know they are sideways but I still don't know how to turn a video. Treat all the rest of the video's as still shots!!

Now for a glimpse at the a few of the other trees.

This was a fascinating tree. It was made out of glass - blown glass and cut glass. The presents are stained glass with lights inside.

The real trees on each side of the glass tree were full of beautiful glass flowers. They were even more gorgeous

This was the tree decorated by the people of Beaver to honor April Yardley (if you remember, she was Colleen and Randy's friend that was killed in the same accident that they were It was a lot prettier than my picture shows - the photo is kind of washed out.

This doll was part of a Victorian Christmas and I thought she was so beautiful - she probably stood four feet tall!

There was a twilight tree!!! Fun!! The lady I talked to said that it sold for $4000 and it was a neck and neck auction between two buyers!!

The people that decorated it went to the real town of Forks, WA and bought a sweatshirt from the Fork High Spartans and then went to La Push and bought another sweatshirt. Of course the four novels are part of the gift.

There are presents under the tree for the different people in the movie. For instance, there is a black bear rug for Emmett, and a camera and scrapbook for Bella. An "operation" game for Carlysle, a Risk game for the Volturi - Edward got the keyboard. The lady told us the tree also that the 'tree' included a bracelet for Bella and also a diamond ring! The tree was donated and decorated by a Jewelry company.You can see Jacob's gift - a took kit. And the cute plate that says "Dear Santa, Vampires Believe!" Jasper's gift are the books about the Civil War (isn't that about the time he was "born"?

You will need to turn the video on this one so you can see the picture of the St George Temple


Kristanne said...

The trees are beautiful as always. Colleen and Randy's of course would be beautiful, so was the one for Ann Yardley. One of these years I need to take my kids back to see all the trees, but then I will just get jealous as mine is so bare. I bet Melinda and Dirk were glad to see you. I bet they are glad to see each other!

Jamie said...

Man, I really want to go to The Festival of Trees! I am hoping I can get Kelly to go with me tonight. But it's such a long drive! :P

Susan said...

It is worth it though - and the tickets are only $4 to get in. They sell hot fresh homemade scones for a $1 - another $1 buys you a little carton of milk - cheap date for you!!

And you will LOVE the twilight tree!!

Of course there were gazillions of just plain beautiful trees, gingerbread houses, wreaths, etc.