mothers day

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just a Walk in the Park

Its good to be home and walking again - I missed it while I was gone and then had a Dr. appointment on Monday morning so Tuesday was my first day back at the park and was it gorgeous. It was the morning AFTER that huge snowstorm. The snow was so heavy.

I actually remembered to take my camera and I probably took too many pictures but every time I turned another corner it was just too beautiful to not snap a picture

what a spring snowstorm can do!

Yes - this is at the Layton Park
Winter Wonderland!
A bend in the River
The same bend but a few feet further where the rocks create a mini rapids
All the ducks were farther down the river - and they WERE HUNGRY!!
I love the lacy look of this one with just a bit of the blue sky peaking out

A snow laden tree
More of the lacy creations of a snowy morn

Green tree trunks

The walks were cleared and everything was so peaceful!

Isn't it gorgeous?