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Monday, November 3, 2008

Emma ...Walking

Emma stars in this blog. This is my living room on Saturday night with the whole famdamily here to cheer her on. She isn't walking on her own yet and so I thought this was the perfect birthday present for her. It is a walker for her now, and then when she gets beyond that it turns into a riding toy. It's bright and colorful and she loved it.
Of course, anytime she is the center of attention she loves it also. In the first picture you could see Adrie and Kecia and the edge of Glenn and Ira with Caleb sitting on Ira's lap. In the second picture you can see Adrie's long pretty her heels that she had on she was as tall as I was!! WOW!! But, like I told Ed I got my height between 9th and 10th grades and she is a 9th grader now so I should have expected it!!

There are two video clips and I will post both of them as there is fun interaction on both. Again, you can see Kecia and Adrie and this time we have some good shots of Jerod sitting over in the corner. The whole family is cheering Emma on as she is making her walker work for the first time. We thought it was so cute as she turned to look at everyone for more applause and then you see her tumble and dad comes to her rescue. That's Jamie telling me to get a better shot of Glenn's rear end...and then away Emma goes, but she has to stop for the adulation she deserves!!

This is another clip of Emma walking but then I go on to get some good pictures of the family. We have Kecia and Adrie - Jerod is there but you have to look closely. Mauri is looking beautiful but she was feeling crappy - she had just been diagnosed with a sinus infection that morning. Then we have a good view of Caleb, Edward, Kelly. Then of course, Emma is waiting for me to look at her and tell her good job! I then get Glenn and Ira and then my attention is pulled back to Caleb who is showing me that he has learned how to tie his own shoelaces. The video ends there without filming HIS big milestone - grandma can't think and do at the same time. Sorry Caleb.


Jamie said...

Emma is so cute! I loved her smiling and loving the attention.

By the way...didn't you have other "cute" pics of Kecia and I on your camera? ;)

Anonymous said...

OH YES, HEE HEE HEE, (wicked laughter in the background) They are Coming!!!!

Kristanne said...

Wow we have another princess in the family! I love the waiting for applause. Those are cute videos - especially since we didn't stick around to see it.

Melinda said...

Look at that big girl! She's almost as big as the flower on her head!

Kecia said...

Can. you. say. center. of. attention? AND LOVING IT! I will say, Grandma has scored again for presents. And I love this one because when she's walking around the house she's NOT MAKING MESSES! Glory HALLELUJAH!