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Friday, October 26, 2007

Thursday at Disney World

(Inside our room at the Dolphin) Knowing that even though Ed was supposed to be through with classes at noon again today - I wanted an earlier start because Animal Kingdom closed at 5 pm!!! So I got up, got ready, ate a banana for breakfast and headed out the door. This time, instead of taking the water taxi, I went out the main doors of the hotel and caught the Disney Bus and arrived in Animal Kingdom by 11 am. I headed straight to the Safari ride - it had a 60 minute wait - I was wishing at that point that I had brought Ed's disney pass with me to put it in the fast pass machine so we wouldn't have such a long wait - I could have done that and then met him right at the front of Animal Kingdom so he could get in....but since there weren't huge lines in MGM I had figured likewise for Animal Kingdom. I don't know whether it is just more popular or because it was a Thursday (therefore a busier day) but the lines were long.

I thoroughly enjoyed the safari - we got to see elephants and lions and a cheetah and monkeys and alligators and ostriches and lots of different kind of deer and antelope and even wildebeasts.

Of course it can't begin to compare with San Diego's animal world but it was really well done and it makes for a wonderful place for the animals to live.

Ed still hadn't called me when I got off the ride and so I wandered further into Africa and then called him. It was about 12:30 and he was still in the hotel finishing off some emails he needed to send out. So I told him I wasn't going to wait for lunch - I was getting shaky and needed more than that one banana I had eaten several hours earlier. So I got me a hotdog, some chips and a coke - only $8.75...cheapest meal I had eaten all week (well -other than the banana!) . Then I headed over to catch the train to Rafiki's world of Conservation. Actually, I had thought it was just taking me to another part of Animal Kingdom but this little section was all about taking care of the world we live in. I was really enjoying learning about a snake that had swallowed a golf ball there on one of the Disneyland golf courses and I guess by the time they found it, it was really in a bad way, as nothing could get past it, and its body couldn't digest it and the ball itself was disintegrating inside the snake. Ed called right then, so I guess I will never know whether it lived or died. I hurried outside to get better reception and Ed said - I'm in the park right now - where should we meet. I told him to go through Discovery Island and into Asia over to the jungle walk. I also told him I had to walk back to the train depot and wait for the next train and then I would scurry through Africa into Asia and look for him there. As I headed to leave I saw the cutest golden monkees - stuffed ones that would make great birthday presents for my twins. (The little ones , Joshua and Caleb - not Kelly and Kecia!!) Since their birthday is November 1 I had already decided I would buy their presents in the Park - I will look for other birthday and Christmas gifts on my cruise. So that took a minute or three (I can spend money really fast!! :D I rushed back down the path to the train station and of course had just missed the train by a minute and had to wait for the next one. Ed wasn't hard to find though - he had on his bright green MTC shirt - just like me. We looked like a couple of peas in a pod!

We headed to the jungle walk where we saw huge bats - probably with a wing span of 4-5 feet - that may not be considered huge but when you think of the small bats we have out west with a wingspan of maybe 8-10 inches - that seems huge!

There was a kimodo dragon - did you know that they have 53 different types of bacteria in their mouths and they bite their prey and then wait for 3-4 days till they die!! There were some gorgeous tigers - the disney cast member said they were a combination of several kinds of tigers. What was interesting was that there were a herd of asian deer in the same area as the tigers and someone asked why the tigers didn't eat them. The worker laughed and said that 'full' tigers didn't hunt...and Disney kept them well fed!

We also got to see some gorgeous - gorgeous birds in the aviary.

After we left the jungle walk we walked past the river raft ride and it said there was only a 20 minute wait - so we got to ride the rapids and we got soaked!! FUN!! Then we headed back to the safari so Ed could see it and we saw even MORE animals than I had in the morning. It was so fun.

The park closed at five and we caught the bus back to the Dolphin. We decided to walk back over to the Boardwalk and went to the Flying Fish - fantastic meal!!!! AGAIN

Friday morning I got room in service for Breakfast - french toast stuffed with bananas and decorated with fresh raspberries and fresh blackberries YUMM - then I took our dirty clothes and went to the laundry facilities at the Dolphin so we have clean clothes for our cruise.

We caught a flight from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale and we are sitting in a really nice Hampton Inn tonight. We will only stay here tonight and head to the ship tomorrow.

So I am signing off for a week. Hopefully I will right daily reports to word perfect so I can download them when I get back in range of the internet. Have a great week - I know I will!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day Five at WDW

I'm getting farther and farther behind but once I get back home life will be dull and boring and I won't have much to add. Things are still going great here in Florida.

After breakfast on Wednesday morning I went out and took the pictures of the hotel and swimming pool area that I posted yesterday and today. It was overcast and looked like it might rain but it was still warm outside and surprisingly enough not too humid. So I boogied back up to our room and got my swimming suit on and grabbed a towel and went back out to lounge on teh gorgeous white sandy beach for an hour. I relaxed and read and enjoyed the peace and quiet. All the kids are at Disney World in the middle of the day...very peaceful!

Ed was supposed to get out of his meetings at noon so I headed back up to the room and he was there but had to go back to a Central Region meeting with JoAnn and the other ROD's and CD's.
He said that it would be a quick meeting. I should have gotten on my blog right then and caught it up to date but I kept thinking - its gonna just be a couple more minutes and then he will be here and we can head to Epcot. I finally fell asleep on the bed waiting for him and we made it to Epcot at 3pm!!! We had just barely enough time to go back to the Biergarten for another round of that good German food and music. If we could have gotten to the park about 12:30 we would have gone for lunch and then back over to Future World to go ride Soarin which is a ride that makes you think you are parasailing - you are in a big IMEX theatre and its supposed to be really fun. Instead we had a nice visit while we ate with a couple from Maryland and another family from Mexico City. They had a little boy about 6 years old and a little girl aged 3. He is a lawyer in Mexico City and spoke really good English. I think his wife understood our conversation but her speaking wasn't as good. It made for another fun memory.

After that we headed back to the water taxi to go back to the Dolphin to get ready for the big Awards Dinner held that night for all the MTC directors and guests. It was the most amazing meal - I've sat down at a meal with four forks and three knives and two spoons before but never three goblets!! Come to find out one was for water, one for red wine and one for white!! (Did I tell you about the little jackets on the lemon slices at Tuesday night's dinner? Tooo fancy- we can't have a seed squirt out when you squeeze the lemons!!) We had a really fun lady sitting next to us - she is single and she invited her mom to come with her for the week at Disney. I thought her mom was going to have a hissie fit everytime they brought out another plate of food - the 'presentation' again was fantastic.

I think seven of Ed's eight centers received top awards last night - the only one that didn't was Delaware Valley which is the newest center and hasn't had time to learn how to do what they are supposed to. I could see last night why MTC has such a wonderful history with the Department of Labor. It is amazing how good a job each center does in teaching their students and finding them jobs afterwards. It was a really positive evening.

It has been fun to see the reaction of my weight loss as most of these people only see me at these bi-annual meetings. So I weigh at least 45 pounds less than I did last time I saw them. The guys will just say hi and hey - you look good. The ladies will look at me and tell me how cute my hair is!! WEIRD!!! I don't think they really realize what the difference is but they know I look different and my face is alot thinner....thus they think I have a cute haircut!

Tomorrow I will post our day six activities at Animal Kingdom. I am sure you just can't wait. Anywho - it is a good way to make myself write it out so I can remember the remembries!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday Evening

Tuesday evening Ed and I walked around the outside of the Swan and Dolphin - the swimming pool area of the Dolphin is really gorgeous. We had about 20 minutes before we needed to meet with Ed's boss JoAnn and her husband Red, and Tom and Chris Adams for dinner at the Italian Restaurant over at the swan. You can see the big shell on the front of the columns and at the end of each building is the Dolphin. We decided that the designers of the hotel came up with a cute fish design and then looked something to name it. The smaller hotel is definitely The Swan but we haven't ever seen a dolphin that looks like that. First of all - Dolphins are not scaly fish and secondly don't dolphins have a dorsal fin like the shark? You decide!

We wandered across the bridge between the two hotels and then followed the shore line down past the single pool at the Swan and over to the white sandy beach lined with chaise lounges. The swimming pool at the Dolphin is actually one long pool with two small bridges going over the top of them, four hot tubs, one kiddie pool and one other small round pool! There are palm trees and fountains and waterfalls galore. You can walk under the main waterfall - or behind it really. There is also a waterslide that starts at the back of the area and shoots round and down into the water. There is one sandy play area that has a cute statue of a seal in the center of the sandy circle and it shoots water out of its mouth all day - the little kids were loving it - the can make sand castles in the damp sand under the spray area or just run and jump through the water like a shower bath.

About five minutes to 7 we headed back over to the swan to meet our dinner partners. Scott Marquardt was there there, plus Mel Gaines and John Petersen and his wife. Good friends all and they added to the party. We again were fed some beautiful and delicious food. I had shrimp that had been rolled in batter and steamed with a lemon butter sauce . It was served with spinach also cooked in the same sauce and it was so nummy. Beautiful presentation!! Someone has definitely gone to special chef school! We sat and talked and talked and visited and ate and simply had a wonderful evening, when the maitre'D came in and apologized to everyone for the computer glitch that made them so slow with the meals. He offered the group another bottle of wine but since only half of us were drinking Scott suggested dessert instead!! After he left the room we all burst out laughing - we had been so busy talking and enjoying ourselves we didn't notice there was a delay! Then they came in with a long rectangular elegant plate about 18" x 5" with all sorts of nummy desserts. There was also a goblet with fresh raspberries and blackberries in cream - so we just passed it around and around the table until we all got to taste a little bit of everything. Its still a toss up in my mind as to whether the berries and cream were best or the piece of looked and jiggled like a deeep dark brown thick jello....but it tasted just like a really really rich brownie. YUMM - Scott Marquardt (President and CEO of MTC) picked up the tab so I have no idea what our share of it was - but with the number of bottles of wine the other half of the group went through I'm sure it wasn't cheap.

Another day gone - another how many pounds gained ??? However I only really ate one meal today. Breakfast was Zone bars and water and lunch was a salad I took back to my room but by the time I had showered I was too tired to eat.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a DAY!!!!

WOW!! It was a day of first's for me!! First time ever getting to watch the space shuttle take off - first time ever swimming in the Atlantic Ocean!!! First time meeting some new friends.

Day #4 started early....really early. I set my alarm to go off at 4:30 am, EDT!! UGH. I met a bunch of cute fun ladies downstairs by the dolphin fountain. Some I knew, some I didn't. We took off about 5:05 am to head to Cape Canaveral. The ladies driving had gotten online to find the best route to Jetty Park Beach where we were headed. Then just a few minutes before it was time to leave they talked to someone at the Hotel and he said - no - go this way!! So the first half hour we went the scenic route (in the dark) trying to follow the fellows directions - finally the two cars got together in a parking lot and decided to go back to the mapquest directions as they were more complete.

It was a fun ride with some fun ladies - one of whom is Shawn and Kris's neighbor Laurie Sorenson. We arrived at the park about 6:15 am - it was just starting to get light outside but we found a great place to park and there were still park benches available. (We got there plenty early - afterwards we discussed the fact that we COULD have slept in till 6:30 and still had a good view. We visited and walked all the way out to the end of the jetty to watch the fishermen who were not happy about the shuttle take off because all the people ruined the fishing!! He told one of our group that if she would jump in the water and thrash about it would help him catch a shark!! Actually - he did catch a small one later on!!

As soon as the sun was totally up it started to get warm. About 9 am some of us headed over to the beach side of the park and went swimming in the ocean. Not a really clean place but we kept our mouths closed!! The waves were fun to float in!!

There was a little store there so we bought water and later on some pop and fresh danish rolls - that was breakfast.

Everyone kept saying that the launch would most likely be postponed due to the clouds. We commented to some park officials that we couldn't see how a few clouds would stop a shuttle!! And they explained that the problem was not how powerful the shuttle was but that they needed the eyes of the satellites to film the launch for safety sake - so then we watched as the clouds moved in and out wondering, wondering.

We did not go to the Cape Canaveral site itself because they now charge $38 a person and you never know whether or not the launch is really going to work. The school teacher in our group had contacted NASA and they had suggested this park - it only allowed 600 people in there to watch so we didn't have crowds and crowds. We also didn't have a real good view - we couldn't see the launch pad and were probably about ten miles from the site - but when it took off we could see it go!!

By 11:30 everyone was waiting with their fingers crossed. Then right at 11:38 someone said - there it goes!! We could barely see the rocket itself but the stream of flame behind it was awesome. We were all busy trying to take pictures of it going and then all of a sudden I felt such an overwhelming awe come over me...I put the camera aside and just watched. There were men on that - Americans, being flung into space. It went up and up and then seemed to make an almost 45 degree turn and moved South. The picture shows the flame above the cloud line - the only way you can see it is by enlarging the picture. We watched it go up - then it went behind the clouds you see here and then we watched it go above the clouds and on up. It seemed like it was at least a minute or a minute and a half into the flight before we heard the noise of the lift off. Then there was this huge rumble. The spectators who had been there before told us that the water right in front of us would wave from the sound waves but we didn't see that happen.

After it was over we hopped in the car and boogied right out of there hoping to beat the crush of cars and we did. By the time we got back to the hotel at Disney world we were ready to drop...we talked about stopping and shopping at the outlet mall but we were all sticky and sweaty from both the humidity and swimming in the ocean. We decided a shower and a nap sounded much much better. I remember Ed coming in from his meetings at 2 pm but I kept sleeping...I finally woke up about 5 pm - I had been sooo tired.

When you hear something like that called awesome it truly is...'Awe'some. We were almost giddy on the way home as we talked about how amazing that sight had been. Most of us were from Utah, but one of the group was from Michigan and another one from Iowa. It was a most amazing experience!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day Three of WDW

Its late Monday night and I am supposed to be asleep but as often happens I can't sleep. I have lain awake for over two hours - resting!!! But not sleeping. So I will get up and turn on the trusty computer and update my blog. I figure while we are on our cruise we won't have internet but I will write daily anyway and save it all to add when I get home.

Kecia said I left off prices of breakfast and you know we could have eaten for more than two weeks on what we spent on those three meals!! Breakfast buffet was only :-) ...$17.95 per person (plus tip and tax!) We are used to staying at a Hampton Inn where we have wonderful continental breakfasts for free!! Lunch at the Biergarten was $19.95 per plate - Thank Heavens MTC is paying for it all!! I feel sorry for those attending that are on a per diem basis - I don't know where they will find breakfast for only $9 each!!

Okay - Monday morning Edward got up and dressed and left for his 8 am meeting - I slept!! My alarm got me up at 9:15 ...rough life eh? I was almost ready to head downstairs and across the way to the Swan for our 'partners' breakfast when I got a call from Ed saying bring your camera and when I got there Ed was waiting for me so we could take a picture with our famous guest. It turned out blurry - but here's the proof - we are in Walt Disney World! Kecia - you won't find your dad nor I in mickey or minnie ears - this is as close as we get. Funny though - I never realized that Mickey was so short!! The directors all left us to our breakfast (they had gotten fed at 8 am). We had an interesting slide show telling us all about the job corps program in the very beginning. It was totally learn as you go - and they did learn. We also learned that our 2009 Directors meeting will be at the Maui Westin - where it was held in 2001(actually january of 2002, as it was originally scheduled for the Saturday after 911!) That is a marvelous resort - gorgeous - you don't know whether to swim in one of its fantastic swimming pools or lay in the sand and let the ocean lap at your feet. And they said that it will have been completely remodeled just prior to our arrival!! We are excited as Maui is our favorite spot in Hawaii!!

I casually mentioned to the ladies I was sitting with that it was too bad we didn't have a way to go see the shuttle lift off Tuesday and they all turned to me and said - we're going - come with us!! So I am getting up at 4:30 am and meeting a bunch of ladies down at the fountain in the entrance to go see the shuttle launch. I am sooo excited. I never thought I would be anywhere near something like this. You need to realize that 4:30 am is 2:30 am Utah time! It should only take us about an hour to get there but evidently with all the traffic you have to get there early!!

Now - On to MGM Studios

Ed got out of his meetings at 2 today - they had fed then box lunches so I grabbed a zone bar for my lunch and out the door we went. Again - we got to ride the boat over to MGM - it was a much better day...not nearly so much walking - it is a small park!! I know that I recognized several things there that were there in 1995 but yet they were saying that MGM Park was not created until about 1997. Finally talking to a disney worker we learned that this was just a small extra section of Epcot until 1997. Until then it was the working studios for Disney. When Universal Studios started building their competetion, then Disney got busy and turned their backlot into a separate park. As soon as we got in the park today we could tell that people were massing for a parade so we sat down on Hollywood Boulevard and waited for it to happen. My camera was back at the hotel because my battery recharger hadn't recharged them like they needed to be so Ed was the one behind the camera. I will have to wait for his pictures to see what he took. It was a fun fun parade - all the gorgeous Disney stars in fantastic old automobiles. It was so fun watching the children sitting by us get all big eyed when chip and dale walked by and shook their hand or Pluto gave them a hi five. It brought back memories of taking Kecia and Kelly to WDW in 1995 when they were 14 - even at that age they got a blast out of hugging Goofy!! Of course now adays there are a lot more disney characters ...the parade started with a big rat...from Ratatouile!

From there we headed to The Great Movie Ride - there was only about a half an hour wait and then we got to travel through classic film scenes and Hollywood moments - it was a 22 minute tour and really well done.

From there we headed back past Mickey's giant magicians hat to The Muppet Vision 3D program. We picked up 3 D glasses on our way into the theatre and thoroughly enjoyed the humor of those wonderful muppets but with a 3d twist. So much of the action WAS right in your face (plus an added spray of water at one point to add to the effect!)

After that we walked back over to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular which was a 30 minute live show featuring edge of your seat stunts and adventure. That was especially fun as they picked a friend from MTC to be one of the extras and Ed got some goooooood pictures of him that he is going to slip to the corporate photographer for future blurbs!! They should have fun with them. There are so many many people here and you don't ever see anyone you actually know so that will make it a real surprise for James!!

After that was over we found the bathrooms and headed over to see what kind of lines there were for the Rock n Roller Coaster - over an hour wait so we said - no thanks - we stopped for a couple of soda's and a bag of chips - $7 but it filled the hole in our bellies. and then we walked on over to the Fantasmic Theatre - They suggested getting there 90 minutes early but fi9ured with the smaller park attendance 60 minutes would be sufficient time to get good seats and it was. We got there in plenty of time to pick out great seats and we drank our drinks and ate our chips and watched the whole place fill up. of course they were hawking all sorts of princess ears and sparkly ears and sparkly wands - we bought a couple of fun things to share with the grandkids - the first thing is called :STRING THING" and the grandkids will love it . It is a battery operated hand held 'wand' that shoots a plastic string around and around in a circle with a black light glowing to illuminate the string. You will have to wait to see it -
its fun!!

The other thing that I just had to have was the wicked meanies beach towel. I just gave my three granddaughters (Adrie, Mickey and ...ahem....Emma) three Disney Princess towels. But this one is going on the wall downstairs for all the kids to enjoy in grandma's toy room. It has all the Walt Disney meanies on it!!! Made for Halloween!! FUN!! I will need the help of my grandkids to let me know who all of them are....but I will probably use it on our cruise first!!

The show was awesome - With fireworks and waterworks - fountains and sprays of water they used to show scenes on!! They had kabooms and the whole lagoon filled with fire...they had the Sleeping Beauty dragon and he was gorgeous, they had boats full of dancing princesses and canoes filled with indians. Between the fireworks and the music it got intense and stayed that way but of course good (Mickey Mouse) won out over evil (all the meanies) in the end.

By the time the show was over the park was closing and so we walked quickly back to catch the boat back to the swan and the dolphin. Then Ed and I walked back over to Broadway and found a wonderful pub with great food - I had a cheeseburger to die for and Ed had mahi mahi - I think that bill came to about $60.

WOW !!! What a fun day. I hope you are having as much fun at home!

Day two of Disney World

Day two here at Disney world found us eating breakfast at the FRESH Mediterranean Market which had a wonderful buffet of fresh fruits, juices, eggs, etc. Then we left the hotel and walked out to the boat dock to catch a boat to Epcot. We walked through the World Showcase first of all so we could make reservations at Germany's Biergarten Restaurant. Then we headed to Epcot. The Spaceship earth was closed ---they are making it bigger and better I guess. We wandered through innovations East and then headed over to go through Living With The Land. We also watched the film entitled The Circle of Life - with Simba, Pumbaa and Timone - talking about conservation and protecting our world.

We had a fun day but boy we felt our age - sore feet and sore backs!! We spent about 7 hours and mainly walked and looked and learned. It was fascinating. We ended up back at the Biergarten for lunch and that was fantastic!! I am such a stickler for staying in my comfort zone food wise but I decided I was going to try everything. It was a buffet and delicious. I ate cold sausages and cold meatballs and cold salads and warm sausages and warm meatballs and warm salads!! There wasn't anything to spicy or too vinegary or too any except GOOD!! Ed said everything was very authentic tasting except for the Spetzle (sp?) its pronounced spetz za la...he said usually it is a pasta more spagetti shaped ...but it was still good.

In Germany when one goes to a restaurant they seat you at whatever table still has room at it and they did the same here. So we sat across the table from a real sweet couple from South Carolina. He was 74 but she was younger than myself - they had met and married about four years ago. When we told them we were from Utah, he said, "No one is FROM Utah" and I said - well, yes, we were! Then he asked if we were Mormon! and we said yes. And he said "So are we!!" That place had room for hundreds of people and we run into another set of Mormons. They were both converts and so of course we had to compare kids and missions and stories - it was sooo fun. We talked for a good 45 minutes after we finished eating!!

Then we continued West and stopped for a 30 minute show called the American Adventure. It showcased the history of America with automatons of a lot of historical figures. It was really well done. When we went into the theatre it was sunny and bright - when we came out it was starting to sprinkle. We headed back to the International Gateway and caught a boat back to our hotel.

We got there in time for a half an hour nap and then back downstairs to a welcome to WDW social from MTC. It is always so fun to see the MTC directors and their spouses and significant others. Alot of the time we might see each other only at the Christmas party or at another Directors Retreat bi-annually like this trip. The food looked delicious but we were still full from all that good German food. We visited for a couple of hours and then headed back up to the hotel room - where I read and Ed watched baseball -While we were relaxing there was a knock on the door and when I opened it there was a hotel employee with an MTC bag in his hand - saying I come bearing gifts - gifts are good. I had figured that we wouldn't get gifts this trip because when Ed went to the corporate office this week he was given a really really nice suitcase - red and black with the MTC logo on it. But in the sack were two bright green shirts - Ping brand - plus lots and lots of goodies. It was like being turned loose in a candy store. We just don't buy candy anymore!!I grabbed the sack of Peanut M&M's to set aside to eat later because it was the time of day that would really send my blood sugar soaring just before I tested it... Ed enjoyed three or four of the treats while I glared at him but I guess there is still enough left to enjoy today. We finally turned off the tv at 11:45 when the score was 6 to 2 for the Red Sox and went to sleep - who knows how the game turned out. Who cares how the game turned out.

Long Day, fun day, blessed day.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching up with the Future

After spending the day at the Epcot Center at Florida's Walt Disney World Resort I decided to make a bold move and start my own blog spot. I mean we walked through Future World all day long and so I guess I can't stay in the dark ages forever. I also have five very wonderful kids, three of whom have a blog spot and I so much enjoy reading their thoughts I decided I needed to reach out with a few of my own. I am sure they are thinking....we had to listen to her the whole time we were growing up and now we have to read her blogs too!!??!! OH NO!
So Kecia and Jamie and Dirk - you asked for it!!

We flew to Orlando Saturday and grabbed a cab to the Dolphin Hotel (see the picture!) Actually I wasn't standing in a good spot to be able to snap a picture of the dolphins on top of the hotel - I will try and add it later on. Here is the other half of this hotel duo - the Swan...actually you can take a tour of the place by going to We arrived about 6 pm and checked in and unpacked and then decided it was time fo
r dinner (breakfast at 7:30 am had been a long time ago!!) Ed and I got lost four times within the first 15 minutes but finally found our way to a wonderful steak house located in our hotel. It was called Shula's - you should always beware when they give you a menu that doesn't have prices on it!! We ordered the smallest steaks on the menu - Ed had a 12 oz filet mignon and I had a 16 oz New York sirloin steak. Ed ordered soup and I had a marvelous salad - we both just wanted ice water to drink...and we even decided to share a baked potato when the waiter said they were really big. I wanted to save room for the chocolate flambe dessert - yummm! By the time we finished our soup and salad and fresh hot bread, and then tucked into the steaks with a humungous baked potato there was no room for dessert. When the bill came it was $117.00 and that was before the tip!! No drinks, no vegetables, 1/2 potato and no deserts!!! But ohhh it was a good steak!

After that we wandered around the Dolphin some more trying to figure out what was where - then we walked along the boardwalk in WDW - it was so fun. There were magicians and mimes and pirate ships and marshmellow roasting!! There was even a giant tv (10x14 feet?) screen out on the sandy beach where people were watching Pirates of the Caribbean - it was the first one and we had both watched it several times so we just kept walking.

Finally we headed back to our hotel room and crashed for the night.

Watch for more updates to come.