mothers day

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I saw it, I loved it, I want to go see it again!!


Jamie said...

Heck yes it was AWESOME!!! I will go see it again with you! :)

Kristanne said...

Well I will go for the first time. Makae would go again too. She went to the midnight showing Thursday night.

Anonymous said...

How about Tues - there is a 5:30 showing at the Bountiful Gateway 8...Jamie could you make it there by 5:30? I think an evening show will be too hard to get into - and I think the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving will be packed too. Kris, Mickey - would that work for you. Otherwise mid day Tuesday is my best bet and Jamie couldn't make that!


Anonymous said...

Adrie - Mauri - how about you guys? Of course this all depends on Dirk coming home at what??? time. Maybe we can go after we hit the airport. Thats a thought!

Dirk should be out of Afghanistan by now - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

The best day for me to go would be Friday. If I am the only one it doesn't work out guys can go with out me!