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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He's HOME!!!

Dirk arrived in Utah shortly before 4 pm today - Hurrah!! He beat everyone - Melinda and I and grandpa Nielson and Ben and Simon got at the baggage area about 4 pm . We figured it would be about 15 minutes before Dirk got down to the baggage area. HAH!!! His flight got in early and the soldiers were the first ones off the plane. Melinda was just looking at the flight schedule and had turned to me to say - his plane has landed when I looked up and here comes Dirk just a truckin!! If I had wanted to I could have gotten the first hug!!

This is the sign I made with the help of Jeff and Teresa - I thought the vinyl lettering was really nice and they added the flags!! WOW!! Special Thanks to!! If anyone wants some awesome vinyl or steel signs and lettering that's the place to get it!

Melinda of course got the first hugs and she sobbed her welcome to Dirk in his arms. Then she turned to the boys and Ben was somewhat shy about going to his dad, but he knew his daddy and was glad to see him. He got big loves from daddy and then was more interested in the yellow balloons tied to Simon's stroller. (as is normal!)
Simon watched everything with those big blue eyes of his and didn't mind having daddy hold him. The picture above shows Ben pointing to the balloons again!
About five minutes after the joyful welcome Shawn and Cade showed up. I guess they would have made it on time but the airport police thought Shawn was traveling too fast!! Shawn gave him the "but officer, I was just hurrying to welcome my brother who is just arriving from Afghanistan!" The officer merely said " then I will hurry and write the ticket faster!"
Here Ben is playing with the balloons and by now Grandpa Ed has made it too. He had me come earlier because he had was teaching a class and couldn't get away early enough.
This is the cute sign Da made - the back of it says DAD! Ben thought it was great fun to play with and he also liked the flags - he had one for each hand.
If Dirk is looking a little spacey its because he left Kuwait 26 hrs before landing in SLC - longggggggg flight. He said that Dallas really gave them a royal welcome. As soon as they got to the window to connect to their next flight - they were told there was an earlier flight leaving that they could come on, and they were immediately upgraded to first class seats!! He said there were lines of people waiting to shake their hands and welcome them home. Of course, his luggage didn't make the quick connection so the airlines will deliver it in the middle of the night to his home.

We are sooo glad to have Dirk home for this two week visit. He looks really good ...I think he has put on 10-20 pounds which look good on him. WELCOME HOME KID!!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Jamie said...

How fun! It's good to know he's home safe.

Kristanne said...

Sorry we couldn't be there. We were planning on it, but I guess I can forgive him getting in a little earlier to spend a little more time with his family. We have missed him and can't wait to see him and hug him on Thursday!!

Kecia said...

Mom, thanks for posting this. I was thinking of Melinda and Dirk all day. I wish we could have been there. Dirk looks great and Melinda is just beaming! I think she was happier yesterday than on their wedding day even! I'm glad that the airlines took care of them. AND YAY! DIRK IS HOME!!

Melinda said...

Thanks for putting this up! I couldn't get my pictures to upload, and I like your pics better anyway, so I'm just going to link to your report!

The only p.s. I would add is that they delivered his bag to our house at 2:00 a.m. Sheesh!

And we are thrilled to have him home.

Shawn said...

I told you the bag would be delivered at 2 AM. Didn't believe me, huh?

Seriously, I don't know why they do that but they always do. It's crazy.

Anyway, it was great to see Dirk, even if the ticket did make us a few minutes late (first ticket I've gotten in 15 years!).