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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Mauri, Emma, Joshua and Caleb

November 1st was my twin grandson's birthday - Josh and Caleb turned SIX!! So we decided since that was a Saturday it would be a perfect day to celebrate our November Birthdays. AND since it was the day after Halloween we would have the kids come in costumes!! What Fun!!!

We celebrated Mauri's birthday, Emma's birthday, Joshua's birthday and Caleb's birthday. Poor Mauri was not feeling well but she came anyway and joined in the celebration. Kris was also under the weather and showed up in spite of feeling really rotten. I hope they are both feeling better now and that their kids don't get it.

The whole family was here except for Dirk...but he will be at the next party!! YEAH!

Shawn came early with his camera and I am sure we will have top notch pictures to enjoy of all the kids. But here are some we got with my little digital
Jace was Link and for some reason he must be a scary guy because everytime I would say, smile for the camera I would get the closed in eyebrows and the snarling look on his face and of course the fighting stance. But he looked pretty darn good. I got to make the tunic and hat and that was fun. And most amazing of all was that he wasn't Harry Potter!!!!
This cute policeman was Caleb. It was his birthday today - Happy birthday - he is one of my twin grandsons. He had a ball in this costume. We also discovered that he has a real talent for rhythm. Hopefully he will get the guitar or drums he wants for Christmas so he can progress in that area. I know his Uncle Glenn was really impressed with him. For a six year old his requests for birthday and Christmas gifts were amazing - a camera (grandma gave him a children's digital camera and he was thrilled with it and we all got our pictures taken by him) an ipod, a guitar....he doesn't really want toys - he wants things that he can USE! Smart six year old
Here we have Joshua (the other birthday boy!) who was dressed as a very bufffff ninja - pretty scary! He had muscles to die for!! I didn't realize that muscles were important for a ninja. I thought they were tough enough with their feet and their hands and their swords! But this guy was tough (and cute). Josh is all boy and is still thrilled with toys! I am glad cause the hot wheels set I gave him with monster dinosaurs looked like LOTS OF FUN!!

And Ben wouldn't look at the camera but he was just Ben. Some day he will think dressing up in silly costumes is fun!! Benji had a marvelous time at the party playing outside in the backyard -his older cousin Makae stayed out there with him for the longest time, keeping him entertained, so his mom could relax and visit with the rest of us. Thank you Mickey!While we have Ben, here is brother Simon - with Aunt Jamie. If you go to Jamie's blog she has the cutest video of him giggling and he does have the sweetest giggle. Since Brother Ben didn't want to have anything to do with costumes, Melinda just enjoyed the party and didn't worry about dressing this one up either. Thats okay - he is adorable without a costume!

Here we have Mario - I thought this was a pretty ingenious costume. We all know Mario and Luigi from the computer games - and with him came.....

Luigi!! Boy these kids are growing up!! Look at those long legs... somehow I don't think they have their mother's height (or lack thereof!)

Here we have missy emma - or better known as Donkey....part of the Shrek, Fiona and Donkey group. Kecia made the outfit and it turned out so cute. She didn't mind the costume at all - just sat and looked adorable in it. Her daddy makes this fantastic Shrek and so Kec and Emma get to dress up to go along with dad's costume. However, he didn't want to go green for the third night in a row and I don't blame him so all we got was donkey! I think they should have made her a baby shrek!! Last year Glenn was Shrek and Kecia was a very pregnant Fiona - this year we should have had a little green baby!!
Here is grandpa Ed with Missy Emma.and here is grandpa again with Simon with the donkey hat... other than the ears (!!!) and the blue eyes they don't look too much alike.

Adrie Anna was spongebob squarepants (a pretty sexy one too!) and Jerod was a scary critter with the neatest sweatshirt that zipped all the way past his face so he had a mask on. Those two were not outside when I was taking pictures. Sorry guys!! You will show up in the video of Emma playing with her birthday present. Makae was Little Dead Riding Hood for Halloween and didn't dress up again on Saturday night because the makeup was too difficult. I am anxious to see the pictures of her on Shawn and Kristanne's blog when they get them posted. I hope to add pictures of Adrie and Jerod and Makae all three to this blog when that blog is put up.

We had a fun time and a delicious dinner. Kristanne made her famous bacon carbonara and it was as good as it always was. YUUMMM!!

Since it was Halloween I went ahead and had some fun makings for the grandkids to cook. We made Frankie Fingers with blood sauce and boogers on a stick. What fun. The frankie fingers were bones (1/2 cheesestick) with muscle (one slice of thin lunch meat) folded in half and wrapped around the bone. Then we wrapped it all in the skin (pillsbury biscuits) and baked them with an almond placed for the fingernail. The blood sauce was salsa with cream of bats milk(ranch dressing) and deadly nightshade (cilantro) - you could also dip goblins teeth (corn chips) into it.

The boogers on a stick was made with yellow slime (cheez whiz) with three drops of magic potion (green food coloring) and booger chunks (bacon bits) all mixed together. We dipped pretzel sticks into this and it was delicious. Although Josh took one look at the color of the booger sauce and decided he didn't want any!

It was a fun wild family gathering. There was football games going on downstairs for the guys that wanted to watch and cheer and the little kids played and the big kids joined in with the regular conversation. We were glad to have Melinda come with the boys - I know it is difficult for her what with the drive and the noise and all.

After most everyone left, Kecia and Adrie and I sat on my bed and watched Sleeping Beauty. I don't think Adrie knew what to think of us - everytime "Once upon a dream" came on both Kecia and I would break into song...this is a favorite of both of ours and I was so excited to get the new DVD. After we watched the movie then we enjoyed the second DVD and watched the creation of the show. It was a great chance for female bonding....we scared poor Glenn off a couple of times.


Melinda said...

That was a great summary. It was fun to see all the costume pictures. I hope Ben catches on by next year and we can do a fun costume for him!

And I love that song from Sleeping Beauty too.

Kristanne said...

Me too! IT was a fun night. I am glad I came, even though we left early. It was so nice to see everyone - we haven't in a while, and it was nice to relax and visit. I too am glad Melinda came. I always enjoy talking with her, and her kids are so adorable. As was Emma, but I didn't get to talk to her much. She was a hit.