mothers day

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Can you believe I was up at 6:30 am and running outside to pick apples and squash? I forgot all about them yesterday and when I woke so early and looked outside at the winter wonderland I decided it was still only (!!!) 32 degrees and maybe the fruit wouldn't be frozen yet. I know it always is colder before the dawn so I got up and got bundled and picked one whole box of apples. Still gobs and gobs left on the trees. Then I went around to each of the fruit trees and shook the snow out of them so they wouldn't lose any branches. It is still snowing lightly but the temperature has gone UP to 33 now so I don't think they are in too much danger of losing branches now. The cherry tree is SOLID ...I shook it and it didn't move!! WOW
I also picked the winter squash that i could see!! It was still dark out and everything is covered with snow.
MAN!! I think I will get out my Christmas Music!!


Kristanne said...

I know. We got woke up about 7 to the sound of two boys excitedly playing in the snow - we have about 4 inches believe it or not! I couldn't believe we got that much. Oh yeah - Jace and Ethan spent about an hour out in it loving it - and all the winter gear is in boxes. Don't even want to try to find it, but must-- YUCK!!!! I think the boys woke the whole neighborhood up with their excitement though.

Dirk said...

Meanwhile today was warm and dusty, as usual.

Oh and Kris, like those two particular sons of your care about warm clothing. Well I'm not so certain about Jace but I recall pulling a certain diaper clad Ethan off of your snow covered upper balcony on more than one occasion. And he was not happy to be pulled out of the white stuff in spite of the fact that he only had on a diaper.

Kristanne said...

Yeah well - JAce is worse than Ethan in that regard -so you are right - the winter gear is for me! And what the heck were you doing up at six Susan? Is that a new goal or something. I thought you were like Grandma - DON"T CALL BEFORE 9!!!

Melinda said...

Ben loved the Sunday morning snow too. Or at least, he wanted to go outside during church and just look at it. He touched it a couple times, and that was enough for him.

Susan said...

Dirk - when does the snow come?