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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Passion Day

As always I am a day late and a dollar short but the thoughts presented in this video make this worth watching!
(Tuesday was Passion Day!)

Right now I am feeling a need to help children throughout the world ...I went to a fireside Sunday presented by Southern Cross Humanitarian explaining that in South America alone there are 40 million children living on the streets. Their parents have died or have abandoned them. There are 6 year old children living in the streets taking care of their four year old and two year old brothers!! This group ( helps with orphanages and with drop in sites, and they are just beginning to make a small dent in the need. They place the children in an orphanage where they are fed and loved and educated. These children have emotional problems that need to be fixed after their abandonment.

Each child they help is a life saved.

Tonight I went with my relief society to the Humanitarian Service Center in Centerville where we packed 112+ cases of hygiene kits . The church put together 90,000 kits and distributed them at the time of Hurrican Ike alone. I am hoping that when Ed and I retire and put in our papers for a mission that we will be able to serve a Humanitarian mission. I want to help. Some one Some where.

For now I will continue to knit hats. I hope and pray that they help someone ....somewhere.


Kristanne said...

Whenever you help someone the great feeling you get is so worth it. The video was nice - once I got my computer to play it. You and Ed will make great missionaries.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Youcan't go on a mission. You and grandpa gone for two year? I don't think so. We will glue you to the floor and tape your mouths shut and duct tape you to the floor and have all the kids sit on you before we will le tyou go!

Anonymous said...

hey grandma its cade check out my blog at I am the best bloger alive hope to hear from you soon problem child out