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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloweeny Tag


I have been booed...meaning some sort of spooky halloween tag

What was your favorite halloween costume as a kid? I was always a witch!

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Peanut Butter kisses!

Any Halloween traditions? Going up to my dads with all my kids and now grandkids!

Have you ever played a trick instead of giving a treat? we always carried a bar of soap in our bags to get the bah humbugs who wouldn't leave us a treat!

Do you carve your own pumpkins? Not since the pre carved plug in pumpkins came out!

Where have you trick or treated? In Roy and In Kaysville as a kid; in Texas and Layton with my kids!

What was the best Halloween you remember? The year I was a witch and had Mauri's live rat on my shoulder and dry ice in my cauldron where the candy was. I had kids that wouldn't even come to my door!!

I boo (at least three people) Kecia, Jamie, Melinda, and anyone else who wants to do it


Kristanne said...

I remember that year, it must have been right after Shawn and I got married, you had a big ugly nose on, with warts too. And dirk had black lights on. I was amazed because no one in my family had every done anything like that - they never even dressed up. It was when I decided I did actually like Halloween as a Holiday. My family never did anything fun like that. Though they have since -since you taught me and I taught them!

Anonymous said...

And now I am the bah humbug about Halloween - but it just isn't as much fun without kids!