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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Christmas came early!!

I mentioned to a couple of you that the new Deseret Industries was opening in Layton this week. It is a wonderful place. It has the bishops storehouse; the Dry Pack Food Storage; the employment services; the social services; the distribution center; the DI; and it will have the humanitarian workshop also soon. It is the first consolidated services building in the church. They have been telling us for weeks that the new building was going to open on the 15-16-17 of October. I guess they had a special dedicatory meeting last night and this morning at ten am it opened to the public. AND THE PUBLIC CAME!!!! Cheryl and I got there after a quick morning walk - about 10:05 and there was NO place to park!! It was packed. People were driving around and around and around hoping that someone would come OUT of the store and let them have their parking space. NOT... Cheryl let me off to run in and see if there were any scout shirts as she needed a blue one and a tan one for some of her cubs. Then she drove over to Sams Club and parked!! And walked back across the street.

I got inside and found the shirts she needed. Then I wandered over to the infants wear - didn't see anything I really liked in Simon's size and then I spotted the little girls dresses ... oh dear! I only bought one. There was a peach colored fluffy dress that I would have loved to buy but another lady got it first and I didn't think it was proper to knock her down and grab it out of her hands- it being a church owned building and all. BUT only $4!!! I wanted that dress!

Then I headed back to the costumes and they had some great ones - there was the cutest spider costume that would have fit Simon or Emma but I didn't have my cell phone with me and so I didn't dare buy it. I looked for donkey costumes for Emma and there weren't any.

I had been told that they had saved all the good donations from all of the DI's across Utah to put in this store for its grand opening. And they had some goooooood stuff. They had some really nice quilted vests - brand new - for $25.

Then I wandered over to the furniture department, because, as you know, I had decided my table was way too big for just the two of us and I've been looking for a smaller table. Since our family has gotten so big we never use the table to feed the whole family. We end up all over the house.

And I found it!!! Its is perfect... a round table in woods that match my china hutch with four light blue padded chairs...perfect match for my kitchen.

It was only $80 for the whole set!! and it looks brand new! feels good too. That will be this weeks grocery money and since Ed will be out of town again - I won't need many groceries!
Mauri is going to take my old set - her chairs are wearing out and my old set had six chairs - so there will be a chair for every one in their family!! Fun!! I guess I will have to give her my long tableclothes too since they will be too big for this one. Gee - I will actually have something I want to buy in Mexico when we go this winter!


Kecia said...

I should give you some of my table table is too pretty to cover up!

Looks like you had a blast! And I'm glad you didn't push the lady over just for a dress.

Kristanne said...

Now how are we supposed to have Sunday dinner with you? It looks really nice in your kitchen and matches well. It makes it much easier to get around in I am sure. And Kecia, you know Makae saved some cute clothes from all of her years, I know she would lend them to you - if I can just find them.

Kecia said...

Flufflies from Kristanne????!?!?!? OH BUDDY!