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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cute babies

I went south again yesterday to Lehi and Provo. Fun visit with Kecia and Da - and lots of play time with Emma and Simon and Ben.

Benji is growing up so fast. I love how green his eyes look in this picture. Must be the shirt. He was having a rough day today - he is trying to get three new teeth at the same time. OWWW! We got to watch the second DVD of Monsters Inc - it was fantastic. The outtakes were hilarious and all of the information on the story line and story board. It kept Simon and Benji and I entertained for the couple of hours that we watched. Melinda had a chance to go to the temple and I got to play with the boys.

Simon was sitting in his Bumbo just grinning at grandma. He is such a sweetie. While we were watching the movie he just got softer and softer as he lay his head on my shoulder and slept for about an hour. I don't think there is ANYTHING more precious than the feel of a sleeping baby in your arms.

I hit Provo first and spent a couple of hours with Kecia and Emma. Kecia and Glenn have been busy painting the lower cupboards and haven't replaced the magnetic closures on them yet. Emma has a favorite cupboard that she empties out for her mom on a regular basis. She was so excited to see Granma and was just full of her cute grins. Her mom and dad have just discovered how much fun playing with bubbles can be. Thus the video


Kristanne said...

I like the ending with the bubble right over her eye. She looks like the bubbles enthrall her, but not sure if she likes them. The kids are so fun at the age they are. They are so happy and loving with any attention. And best of all they think you are wonderful too!!

Jamie said...

How fun to get to visit your grandbabies every week! Now if your youngest son and his wife (that only live 5 minutes away) can hang out with you more often! lol

Kecia said...

Mom, I just have to say that I LOVE (as does Da, I'm sure) that you are willing to drive down to see us. These babies are gonna know their grandma loves them!