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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Getting to Know You Questions

Where is your cell phone?: In my back pocket - that way I can't hear it ring!
Your significant other?: In Kentucky
Your hair?: TOO blonde - adding some brown highlights on Tuesdat\y
Your mother?: wonderful
Your Father?: great example
Your favorite place?: Maui
Your dream last night?:Spending money
Your favorite drink?: Pepsi
Your dream/goal?: To go on a mission with my hubby
The room you're in?: Living Room
Your fear?: riding a motorcycle (but we are working on it!)
Where do you want to be in 6 years?: RV'ing all across the nation
Where were you last night?: Lehi, watching my two grandsons while Melinda went to a book club mtg.
Why you're not motivated?: Not motivatged? I bottled tomato juice, grape juice and vacuumed out my car today!
Muffins?: If they are almond poppy seed.
One of your wish list items?: Just got it yesterday... a new kitchen table and chairs!
Where you grew up: Kaysville
The last thing you did: Searched the internet for surgical tubing.
What are you wearing?: Jeans and a gray and black sweater.
Your TV?: "only gets turned on for the ten oclock news
Your pets?: ED?
Your computer?: Dell -Inspiron 6000 - got it for Christmas almost three years ago!
Your life?: Just the way I like it.
Your mood?: Excited - Ed is flying home tonight - haven't seen him since a week ago Tuesday!
Missing someone?: Dirk!
Your car?: CRV
Something you're not wearing?: shoes.
Favorite store: Today it is the new DI in Layton - they have the bestest stuff!
Your summer?: SOOOOOOO FUN!
Your favorite color?: peach
When is the last time you laughed?: Probably at Da's house with Ben and Simon and Kecia and Emma and Melinda!
Last time you cried?: A month ago when I couldn't afford all the meds the pharmacist was trying to sell me!
Four places I would rather be right now: On a cruise, In Germany with Ed, Hawaii or Mazatlan.
Four of my favorite foods: Foods are the enemy right now - I don't know - fresh tomato sandwiches, anything Tex Mex, low carb rocky road ice cream, no bake cookies!
Four people I think will post this on their blog: Kecia, Melissa, Makae, Joy.


Kristanne said...

The back pocket thing work about as well as the pocket on my pants that is around my knees. I do however feel it if I put it on buzz.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I think of that. If I'm sitting on it I should feel the buzz!! The dumb phone just doesn't ring at all when its in my pocket. I will hear it beep a 'reminder' that I missed a call but no ring !