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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


CAUTION - BORING BLOG!! Read only at your own risk!!

It seems like every time I go to the doctor I get put on another pill. I must say that I am feeling alot better this last few weeks than I have for a long time. I think that having my saliva and blood tested for hormone levels and then working with the doctor and the pharmacist to correct those levels has really helped. I have alot more energy and I am getting alot more accomplished lately. I still worry about the chemical mix in my body as I take all these pills - Just to get an idea I have listed them ALL out for you
Rx: morning noon dinner bedtime
Bi-Est Pro/DHEA - vag sup. (hormone replacement)bedtime
Detrol LA 2mg (for overactive bladder) 1 morning
Lisinopril 20 mg (to protect my kidneys from diabetes meds) 1 morning
Pro Biotics VSL #3 DS (for diahhrea) (1 month only) 1 morning/bedtime
Nexium 20 mg (for heartburn) 1 noon
Metformin 1000 mg (for diabetes) 1 morning/dinner
Pravastatin 10 mg (for high tryglycerides) -have Rx -not taking it
Lovasa (fish oil) 1GM (for high tryglycerides) 1 morning/dinner
Foot cream ½ to 1 ml rubbed into L5-6 or feet -Amitryptalene; Clonidine ; Gabapentin; Ketophrophen and Ketamine (for foot neuropathy) rubbed into lower spine bedtime/as needed.
Ibuprofen 800 mg As needed (for foot neuropathy and/or aching joints) usually at bedtime
Nascobal nasal spray (B12) once weekly (for foot neuropathy)
Garapentin (Neurontin) 100 mg (for foot neuropathy) morning/dinner/bedtime
Ropinirole (Requip) 1 mg tid (for foot neuropathy) morning/dinner/bedtime
Tramadol (Ultram) 50 mg bid (for foot neuropathy) -have Rx-not taking it
Zolpidem (ambien) 10 mg (sleeping) -have Rx-not taking it
Over the Counter - MD suggested
Complete Multivitamin - 1 at dinner
Glucosamine Chondroitin 1500/1200 mg (for aching joints) dinner
Calcium Citrate +D3 630 mg/400 IU (for bones and lowVit. D levels in hormones) breakfast/ dinner
Magnesium with Zinc 400 mg/15 mg - breakfast/dinner
L-Arginine Powder [pharmacist recommended-for foot neuropathy) bedtime
1 Tylenol PM tablet (instead of ambien to help sleep) bedtime

Thank Heavens for great insurance because the prescription drugs cost me a total of $47 a month- soon to drop to $18 a month as I quit taking the pro biotics (which has really helped) and I change from a prescription for Lovasa ($22 a month) to OTC fish oil pills - probably about $8 worth a month. I will have to check in Mexico and see if I can get them cheap there.

I quit taking the Ambien last weekend - Dr Anderson has been concerned that I am (and I AM) addicted to them - though I must not be too addicted as it only takes me about three bad nights and I am off of them. After I did a trial run of no Ambien last summer I found that I could either take the ambien and sleep all night or not take it and be awake for a minimum of three hours each night with foot neuropathy pain and itching and burning - and/or restless leg syndrome which is another discomfort altogether. So I finally talked Dr. Anderson into sending me to a neurologist. And he did - last week I went to see Dr. Chowdhury at Tanner Clinic. He put me on SIX new tablets every day!! Three Neurontin and three Requip - morning, dinner, and bedtime. And they have helped!! As I said, I d/c'd the Ambien last weekend and I am now sleeping most of the night. I do wake up every couple of hours but I can simply roll over and go back to sleep. ...and best of all I am off the Ambien which was addicting.

Another pill I have taken myself off of for a short while is my cholesterol med, Pravastatin. It has very strong warnings that if I start to get muscle aches to contact my Dr. immediately. I was on a different statin last spring and started having deep horrid muscle aches all over my body. I went in to see my Dr. and he took me off that onefor about a month and then put me on Pravastatin. Its been about three months now and the aches weren't all over my body but in my left arm, in my right foot and in my lower back. So I quit taking it. It hasn't been helping my Tryglicerides anyway...I will go back on it in about one month and see if the pains return. If they do I will go see the Dr. I hope the Lovasa (fish oil) will help the tryglycerides. I don't know why I have high 'good' cholesterol...I eat very few eggs and not alot of meat - AND not a lot of fat...most everything is low fat. YUCK. I really eat quite healthy - blah!

I also will soon go off the Pro Biotics = they have helped greatly and maybe that is one reason why I've been feeling better. Before this regimin, I would have uncontrollable diahhrea and who knows how much good any of the pills I was taking was doing, cause they went right through my system!!

One more thing I will go off of as soon as I complete the stuff I have at home is the vitamin B12. I have never felt like it has done me that much good.

Well - enuf already - I need to go up and put a disclaimer at the first of this blog - CAUTION - BORING BLOG!! Read only at your own risk


Kristanne said...

I know what you feel like. When I went to the doctor this past year for my kidneys he put me on three new medicines and I am going hey ---- I am still young. I don't need this. I have gotten myself off one of the blood pressure pills altogether and have about a 6 month supply still of atenolol that I just won't be using. Also I took myself off the medicine the doctor prescribed for my headaches, I think it caused more that it helped. But he put me on a cholesterol medicine even though mine was still good, because he was worried that it could effect my kidneys. My kids look at my stash and tell me I am granny anymore. It makes me feel bad.

Susan said...

Kris - What were you doing up at 3:34 in the morning - do you need my Ambien pills to add to your stash?

Kristanne said...

Shawn got up early to work on a statement of work that had to be done today, and he set his alarm for loud. Then I couldn't go back to sleep, so I read the news, and such. By six when the kids had to get up I was ready for bed!

Kecia said...

HOLY COW BATMAN! That is quite a long list! I bet it's no fun going to a new dr and having to fill out their information form. It'd take you an hour just to get through the medications part!

I hate that, when Glenn's alarm goes off for work...he snores on through, but I'm WIDE awake and don't get sleepy until I hear Emma stirring in her room. Maybe I need an Ambien.

Mauri said...

Ugh, that makes me gag just thinking about all those pills!!
Just curious, shouldn't you stay on the probiotics if they are helping so much?

Susan said...

Good question - the doctor only gave me a one month Rx for them - their cost without insurance would be $400 a month!! I am planing on starting on Activa - the yogurt that is supposed to help the good bacteria in your stomach. Of course it doesn't have anywhere near the 900 billion bacteria per dose that the good stuff has but I am hoping that now that I have gotten things going right they can continue with the Activa. If it goes back to the uncontrollable diahrea then I will go back to the doctor.