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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A day with Da

I spent Thursday and Friday in Lehi visiting with Da and playing with the boys. We went to Thanksgiving Point where Ben got to ride on the ponies (new word) and laugh at the goats. He played with the goats for 30 minutes - running back and forth between the two cages and laughing at them . He was totally unimpressed with the fact that it was the "Halloween Boo" with fun clowns making balloons, ring tosses and free cookie decorating booths. The weather was great and Mr Simon really enjoyed his afternoon out in the sunshine. That night I got to watch the boys while Melinda got cleaned up cute and headed out to book club. She brought me home a delicious hot cinnemon roll which I gobbled up - half that night and half the next morning!

Friday morning the boys slept in. We sent Melinda off to get the oil changed and make a few other stops (it is SO much easier just getting one person in and out of the car, rather than trying to buckle and unbuckle two cars seats plus your own,,,right DA? ) I called her while she was out and sent her to a few more spots looking for surgical tubing. When I first told her what we needed she said "WHAT?" I thought - she's been married to Dirk for almost THREE years and she doesn't know what surgical tubing is??? WOW!! We needed it for the juicer but none of the three drugstores she went to had it. While she was gone, Kecia showed up with Emma to bring back the canner (Emma's drum!) and we proceeded to can 8 qts of tomatoes and 6 qts of grape juice.

Here you see Simon helping with the canning. Ben was taking a nap and Simon wanted to be a part of the fun. He is demonstrating the proper way to insert your foot into the rack for best tangling purposes. You will also note the firm hold he has on the rack and he wasn't really happy with grandma when she decided she needed to use the canner and didn't want to share her toy with Simon any more.

This week Melinda got to keep the tomatoes (last week they were Kecia's and the two of them each got 3 qts of grapes - thanks to Kristanne for her grapes. The juice ended up being a real pretty purplish pink because they were a combination of concord (purple) and red grapes. We were able to pick out the green grapes and eat them. I cut up a whole plate full of green and red grapes for Ben and then he decided he didn't want them. So I fed them to Emma. She liked em!

Finally - I took this video of my youngest three grandkids. Ben had been tossing Elmo around saying Melmo, Melmo so I got out my camera. Of course then he stopped and got really interested in the movie he had been watching. No grand pictures but cute kids anyway!!


Kristanne said...

Sounds like you had a good time with the grandkids. THose are some cute video shots

Melinda said...

That was a fun day. Thanks for putting up more details than I ever get into a blog post!