mothers day

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When Cheryl and I were walking in the park today we happened upon this momma duck and her brand-brand new chicks. I had my camera with me and decided I needed to take some pictures. So instead of blogging about grandsons and granddaughter (new tooth and all) I wanted to share these darling babies. There had to be at least 15 of them in her batch of babies. We will have to see how many live. Thank heavens they are far from the lower pond where all the seagulls hang out - (they gulp them down whole!) so they have a better chance at surviving the first scary weeks of life.


Jamie said...

Awww...I wuv baby duckies! They are so cute. Kelly and I need to stroll through Layton Park one of these days (with our mutt in tow, of course). :)

Kristanne said...

They are cute, I like how they all took their time about deciding to join in on the swim or not!

Anonymous said...

(Even ducks have minds of their own!)