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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rough Duty

Well I am about at the end of my second tour of duty here at Melinda's...its really a rough life. I have to play with Benji and tickle his belly and read him stories and help him stack blocks!! I also have to put up with cute grins and sudden hugs. I don't know if I can handle all this hard work. I have been working on my hats that I make to give away and Benji loves playing with the balls of yarn. He has discovered which of them are especially soft and he will stop and rub it across his cheek before he tosses it. He decided it was great fun to try on the hats after grandma finished making them. Right now Benji is over at aunt michelles playing with Erin. FUN!! Since Benji has had a cold and cough since Sunday, it was decided to keep the boys apart as much as possible so he goes and plays with his cousins and has a great time. Then comes home for lunch and play time with mom and then a nap and more play time with mom and then back over to Chelle's house.

When Melinda is playing with Benji then I have to hold the new baby and watch him look at the world with those great big dark eyes... or watch him sleep so very peacefully. He is such a good baby - he is eating every 2-3 hours and then he lays and looks for a while (unless of course he simply goes to sleep while nursing, since that is such hard hard work). One thing he doesn't like is for mommy to unwrap him and change his diaper...that is sooo cold! We have gotten to see his smile a few times (mommy calls it gas, Grandma calls it talking to the angels!) and it is a beautiful smile. His lips remind me of Mauri's perfect lips. Beautifully shaped. Did you know that a dentist told me once that Mauri had a perfect smile! She was 3 years old then!

So I'll head home today and find out what they are doing with the property behind our house and where the hospital is going to be built. Thursday is Jill's play, Friday Ed and I are heading to St George to go to the temple with some other ward members and then Sunday I will come back to Lehi and work sooo hard.


Melinda said...

And I sure appreciate her taking over this rough duty! You know, this is a nice easy break-in to mothering two children. Get one a full-time grandma, and this is a snap!

Seriously, though, I am very grateful for the grandmas who are willing to come take care of us right now.

Anonymous said...

Your mom and I are just loving it too!

Kecia said...

So whats up with the hospital? Any new news?