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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Benji watching Dirk on video

Last time I was in Lehi Melinda mentioned something about Daddy to Benji. He immediately insisted on going downstairs to the computer and watching the various video clips Melinda had taken of Dirk playing with Benji before he left for Ft Lewis. Benji was so cute to watch - he would get so excited watching his daddy - he would point and laugh and say daddy over and over again. I finally got my camera out to catch his actions but by then he had watched all six or seven of them and though he still enjoyed it he wasn't as excited. But I thought I would post this so you could see how a little boy is enjoying his daddy even though said daddy is far from home. I told Dirk he needed to have his fellow soldiers video him doing mundane things through out the day so he could send the video's to Benji...he does love watching you!

I am putting this second video clip so that Dirk can see how cute Melinda looks and how quietly Benji will sit and watch these clips of his daddy !! Dirk let me know if these are too difficult to watch or if you want me to take and blog more of them.


Kristanne said...

That is so cute - kids love videos with people they know in them. My kids would sit for hours and watch the home videos we have taken through the years. they have favorite ones!

Melinda said...

How fun! Dirk called on the webcam tonight. When Dirk is live, Benji is more interested in the "winks" he sends him. He did do a few minutes of peekaboo tonight, though.