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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Krista's Shower

Kristanne and I headed South yesterday about 11 am to go to Krista's wedding shower. Since neither of our families could make it to the wedding on April 18th we decided we needed to go to her wedding shower. The sun was shining the sky was blue and the roads were clear. We got down to Grandma Bea's house with a couple of hours to spare so we visited with her and helped her find her glasses - thanks to Kristanne. We all hunted and hunted and finally Kris got the idea to go and look under her pillow - that's where they were hiding. Grandma was soooo glad to be able to see again!

About five pm we headed up to the shower and got to visit with lots of special people. Krista is a cute quiet red head with lots of freckles and a big smile. I don't know how anyone with Willden blood in them can be so quiet!! She had lots and lots of people show up during the two hours of the shower and got lots and lots of presents.

She will graduate from Beaver High in May but has been attending school in Cedar City all year . She is taking CNA classes right now and is aiming for an EMT license.

Paula, Malena, Sharla and Kristy were all there. As was Shirlene, Jodi, and Sheina. Just before we left at 7 pm Bonnie and Natalie and Macey all showed up. She had lots and lots of friends from school and church plus lots of family from the Fails and Bradshaw sides too.

I wished I had brought my camera as she opened one present which was a bra made out of candy necklaces. I need to talk to Shirlene as it sounds like this is one of her talents too. She was comparing notes with the gal who made it - sounded like Shirlene said that she had made a nightie out of them!! Jamie and Kecia and Da aren't you glad Aunt Shirlene didn't make it to YOUR showers? Poor Krista turned as red as her hair!! But she was a good sport about it and even put it on over her clothes.

About 7 pm we headed back home - again - dry roads and not too much traffic. We got home by 10:15 and that was with a ten minute delay as they closed down the freeway by Lagoon and shunted everyone off onto Hwy 89.

Kris and I had a great visit all the way down and back. I drove to Nephi and then needed to lean back more so she drove the rest of the way. After sitting up right at the party for two hours I let her drive from Beaver to Nephi again and then we switched places and I drove the rest of the way home.

If you are planning on going to the reception itself on Friday the 18th you need to RSVP so they will know how many people to plan for the dinner. I have email addresses for Malena and/or Paula.

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