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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good work DA!!

AT 8:16 am this morning Simon Porter Willden made his entrance to this world. Dirk sounded great when he called me about ten minutes later - He said Da is doing great - so is Simon. He was 8 lbs 12 oz - good healthy boy. 20 inches long so he is already tall.

Da was supposed to be induced at 7 am but she went into normal labor herself and they went to the hospital at 3 am.

I will add pictures and more details as I learn them!!

Simon at four hours old!

Benji is walking around the house making the sign for baby and was so excited when I showed him this picture of his daddy and mommy and baby. I will take him up to the hospital this afternoon after he gets up from his nap.

I didn't want to put him down - he is such a softy little bundle. I asked them if I could just take him straight home but they said the hospital frowns on that. Dirk said that he let out a really good bellow when he was born and Da said that he is already latching on really well so it sounds like he was ready to come!!

What a precious family they have now. I had to get matching outfits for the boys (they'll fit in about a year - or a year and a half) but that is the fun of having two boys so close together. Good Friends and someone to practice being mean to! But also someone to stand up for you and protect you from the bullies.

Melinda is in room 225 on the second floor. If you don't know where the hospital is, take the American Fork exit and head East to 1000 East. Then turn left to 170 north. As you get within a block or so of the hospital you will be able to see it. You will need to call Dirk to get the code to be allowed on the floor. MapQuest says that it is at 1100 East but it is set well back off of 1000 E.


Jamie said...

We all thought she had an easy hour of labor! Didn't realize she started on her own around 3 am. Good job, Da! We can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!

Kristanne said...

He looks like a newborn. I am glad they are doing so well. It would be interesting to be there when Benji sees him. Wonder if he will want mom to put him back!

Mauri said...

Sweet photos. I am glad he is healthy and all went well. Especially glad for the super short labor for Da and happy she didn't have to be started.