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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Simon - day 2

Actually this picture was taken on Thursday when Benji came to the hospital to meet his new brother Simon.

This morning poor Da was experiencing excruciating headaches from the anesthesia and was ready to have them do a patch on the previous epidural but before they could give her the shot, she started to feel better on her own. Simon has played favorites today it sounds like. One day old and he knows who he wants MAMA!! Forget Aunty Chelle or Aunt Nancy or even Grandma Marilyn...he wanted to be held by mama!!

Dirk came back home on Friday afternoon to spend a couple of hours with Benji. He was so excited to have his daddy here. They got his shoes and socks and jacket on and headed off to Cabella's to see the fish....and the deer, and the goats, and the bobcats...I think he drug his poor daddy all around that whole store four times!! Then when they got back home he went out in the backyard and enjoyed the sunshine and the slide and the dirt pile.

Dirk finally got ahold of a member of the Bishopric to follow up on a phone message he had left two days before to see if they could get permission to bless Simon before Dirk headed back. He finally got ahold of some one in the Bishopric and they told him yes, they would be at the hospital about 6:30 that evening so that Dirk could give Simon a blessing before he headed off to war. So we grabbed a hamburger and headed back to the hospital. There wasn't enough time for anyone to come except Grandma Susan and Aunt Kecia and Emma. So Simon Porter Willden is now official. Dirk gave a lovely prayer and blessing. This picture was taken just moments before their First Counselor showed up at the hospital. As you can see, both days Benji was very taken with Simon's snot snorter. :-)

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