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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our trip to St George

A few weeks ago Ed and I went down to St George with another couple in our ward and went through the St George temple. Dave and Linda had been to St George before but had never been inside the temple. We had a great trip down, visiting all the way - the guys sat in the front seat and Linda and I sat in the back seat. We stopped in Beaver to get gas and then we went on over to the cheese factory - they loved the freshness of the cheese they bought. We knew they would.

We went as far as Cedar City and stayed the night there. While in Cedar we made the drive up the canyon - I had forgotten what a pretty drive that is. We missed the turn off to Cedar Breaks the first time past it because we were so busy looking and talking about the fantastic snowmobiling areas. I'm glad we did because we continued an extra 15 miles of wonderful scenery before turning around and heading back to find that the road to Cedar Breaks was closed - too much snow. After we got back to Cedar we went to eat and then back to the motel where I called my old college roommate and Linda and I chatted for a good 40 minutes!! FUN!

The next morning we got up and ate at the hotel and headed South to St George. It got warmer and greener the farther South we went. It brought back memories of College Days when we would leave Cedar with six inches of snow on the ground and head to St George to enjoy the green grass and pretty flowers.

After completing a session in the temple we walked the temple grounds and went over to the annex and then into the visitor's center. In the visitor's center they had a display of the most beautiful sculptures...there were 13 pieces, all based on the life of Christ. They were done by a lady who was an opera singer who tried her hand at sculpting later in her life and they are gorgeous!

I finally got through on the website that I've been trying to access for the last three weeks and I wanted to share this with you. If you go to you will read about this lady and be able to see each of the 13 sculptures. If you double click on the small views it will show the enlarged view (above the small views) with an explanation of the sculpture.

There was a wonderful spirit in the visitors center as we looked at the display and I was so thankful for the talents God has given different souls here on earth to be able to enrich our lives.

After we left the visitor's center then we over to Santa Clara and toured the Jacob Hamblin home (he was a pioneer that worked very closely with the Indians for most of his adult life).

We then headed north again, and took Dave and Linda to the top of Kolob canyon - that was a beautiful drive too - the blue blue sky and the red rocks! We got home that night about 9:30 pm so it had been a quick busy trip and we were both totally tired but it was lots of fun too!


Melinda said...

I'm glad you had such a good weekend. :)

Kristanne said...

The sculpture is beautiful. Last time I was down there was for the girls trip years ago. We went to the Hamblin home as well. I thought it was really interesting. We also went to the Brigham Young home he had down there. That was pretty neat- that wife didn't even have to share her home. She was the only wife in Saint George!

Mauri said...

Sounds like you had a nice time