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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I talked to Dirk tonight and he said that Benji was so excited to see his daddy. That is so fun to think about. He has really started talking lately since Dirk has been gone (he has discovered he can make NOISE!!) and I guess he just kept jabbering 'daddy, daddy, daddy". I think that is so cute.

Dirk sounded really good and I am excited to see him. I am going to Lehi tomorrow to stay with Benji until Saturday afternoon. I will see Dirk whenever it works out best. I would imagine that after Simon is here and Da has a chance to rest they will call me and I will take Benji up to the hospital to meet his new brother.

Dirk said that they have an appointment at 7 am to start things rolling tomorrow. And I am sure that as soon as Dirk can, he will download pictures to the blog or wherever.

Heads up on Kris - keep her in your prayers. Her doctor is really concerned about her kidney functions ... she will have an ultrasound on Monday so they can 'look' at it. Plus other tests.

Kecia still has Glenn's family visiting. I haven't heard yet what Debbie thinks about Emma and/or Eden. I am sure she has given them both a thumbs up.

I haven't talked to Mauri for some time now and I miss her... especially your blogs...are you blogging on facebook? How would I read them? Like I said I know nothing about that program and get frustrated trying to find my way around.

I haven't talked to Kelly lately either. Not since he called me all excited about the Neti Pot. But it sounds like Jamie is taking good care of him.


Jamie said...

Oh that Benji is adorable! He's my buddy. Kris didn't tell me about her dr visit! I will have to talk with her on Friday when we head down to see the Dirk Willden Family.

We are doing good. Same ol', same ol'.

Kecia said...

uh oh - I wonder if the kidney problems have anything to do with that new bp med he put her on that was only making her bp worse and he just kept upping the dose...

Kecia said...

Debbie approves and Emma loves Grandma Debbie too.

Kristanne said...

Thanks for the concern I will blog.

Mauri said...

I haven't been blogging cuz there is nothing to blog about these days, sorry. I think I am just to stressed right now to even want to blog right now. Knowing we only have a few more months here and trying to find something decent and affordable is not fun.
I hadn't heard about Kris, thats no good.
Have fun with Benji..I am still bummed about not getting together tomorrow night. I understand where Dirk is coming from, but I was looking forward to having a nice dinner with you all, sans kids :( And then seeing Dirk and his family and new baby.