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Friday, April 18, 2008

Treading the Boards

I went to the dress rehearsal of Cade's play today and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a cute play with an hilarious story line to fits well the mindset of Jr High School - as an old time drama director there were definitely major staging problems that I would have changed or worked on but all that aside it was so much fun to see young people experiencing their first attempts at theatre. Cade did a good job (though I wanted to go up and turn up his mike) and it was so much fun to see a grandson acting in a school play.

I didn't realize until I was in college that drama was in my blood and I thoroughly enjoyed the two college courses I took down at the College of Southern Utah. Because of those classes I was able to work as a drama director on both ward and stake and region levels when Ed and I were first married. At least until Ed got tired of all the hours of practices and productions - I allowed his complaints to pull me from something I really loved and I regret it now.

But back to Cade's play - if you are looking for something fun to do either Friday or Saturday evening go see him play the bad guy in a cute production at Sunset Jr High School.

Way to go Cade - Grandma is proud of you. Have fun!!!


Melinda said...

Well, fun! I'm glad you got to see a dress rehearsal, since you'll be gone this weekend. Congrats to Cade on his performance!

Kristanne said...

Went to it tonight and it was so funny - (can I really say --so BAD it was funny!!) Cade did do a good job. The best though was a girl got in an accident last night and so they had someone fill in for her tonight and he read the whole script from a book that was supposedly a cop handbook. Only he kept saying things like "Ask question to sargeant - oh yeah - What should we do now sarge?" and look stage right - oops - read him his rights. It was too funny!!!!

shawn will upload some picture.

Anonymous said...

I got the feelign that the sarge was supposed to be a complete twit...and now we have a twit leading the twit!! Was the sound any better? Did the talk to the audience or were their backs still facign the audience. That is number one directors SCREAM - face the audience!!!

it was cute though wasn't it!