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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Colleen and Randy

Edward, Colleen and Donald - 1949

Its been such a difficult few days - lots of tears and lots of reminiscing and lots of laughter... Grandma Bea is still struggling with understanding why it happened. Uncle Donald gave her such a beautiful blessing of peace Tuesday evening and though I see it working she is still struggling. Beaver is a wonderful little town - they are simply reeling under the shock and will continue to do so as the funerals continue and those still in the San Diego hospital still fight for their lives. Grandma's memory is so poor - she has now talked herself into the idea that she talked to them just as they were going to go eat shortly before the accident. In actuality she talked to them Sunday evening as they were headed out to eat and the accident happened Monday morning AFTER they went to breakfast as they were on their way to Algadones Mexico. We have told her time and time again that she talked to Colleen Sunday night and she will agree that is correct and then the next time some one calls or comes over she is telling them that she talked to them just barely before the accident. She is going to have this poor town as confused as she is!

But she is loved and people have been pouring in with food all week - at one point she had seven gallons of milk and six dozen eggs in her fridge. We have had wonderful soups and stews and chilis and casseroles and I bet she has six loaves of bread and 3 or 4 pkgs of rolls that people have brought. Plus brownies and cookies and cakes and pies and cobblers!!

Colleen and Randy were supposed to have arrived home tonight. We didn't hear whether or not they actually did. The morticians told their kids this week that the California mortician felt that they could have an open casket funeral - I am praying that they can, otherwise my mind will never get around the fact that they are actually gone.

If I have learned nothing else this week I have learned that I married into to a marvelous family 40 years ago. I love my sister and brothers-in-laws - and I am so thankful for the gospel that brings me the peace to know that I have been sealed to that family for eternity. I love grandma Bea and my heart has torn in two this week as we have all mourned together for Colleen and Randy. I have learned how talking and listening and sharing ones grief helps one to mend.

We will head North tomorrow to go get our truck and trailer and then head South to Beaver again for the viewing and funeral on Sunday and Monday. It is going to be a difficult funeral - because we will miss them for the rest of our mortal lives. We know that we have an eternal bond - we know that we will be able to enjoy our families and their love for eternity thanks to our Brother - Our Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement. Without His sacrifice we would be lost.

My mind is still spinning into neverland right now and I still am having a difficult time expressing all that want to say but I DO have a testimony of my Lord and Savior. I know that he suffered and died for me - I know that I need to strive every day to be a better person than I am right now.

I love you all.


Kristanne said...

I married into a wonderful family as well. We truly are blessed. You thoughts were beautiful

Jamie said...

Ditto Kris! I couldn't agree more. Drive save you two...and remember we are here to help. WE LOVE YOU!