mothers day

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My insides are prettier than yours!!

Well - its official - I have sparklies inside of me now!!! :-)

This is a picture the doctor took of the inside of me after he had the mesh rolled out and in place!!

I just wish it felt as good as it looks!


Kecia said...

that's just weird

Mother Teresa said...

Gosh Susan... it's a good thing I was eating lunch when I read and saw your blog today. Made me have a whole new "love" for my chicken courdon blue casserole I was eating (sorry, I can't spell) :o) I've never "blogged" before... we'll see if I remember how to log in again sometime in the future.

Jamie said...

You and your sparklies!

Anonymous said...

Well I hadn't blogged anything in days and days - I sit at home not able to do anything but sit...and lots of time I can't do that.

Actually I am feeling pretty good except for one spot that aches all the time except when I have meds in me. And when I bend over WHEW!! So I don't bend!

MaryAnn said...

Wow, you're a trooper!

My Mom knows exactly what you're going through!

Good luck with the recovery!

Mauri said...

Ouch- Heres a hug mom ((((hug))))

I think I'll come visit on friday or saturday and do some cleaning. How are you doing on dinners?

Anonymous said...

Mauri - I am doing good on dinners - but I would LOVE to have someone come vacuum my floors!! I am able to keep up with everything else. Bring the kids - I love to have them and we have a tv in the playroom for them now with dvd or video connections.

Mary - your mom had a mesh insert too? When did she have this done? How are you feeling? Do you know yet whether it is a boy or a girl?