mothers day

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fun Day

Merry Christmas to Mom from Mauri!

Mauri gave me a day out with her for Christmas and we had fun! We went the morning of New Years Eve...we hit the movie theatre first and watched National Treasure - Book of Secrets. Good movie. We both learned something though - DON'T buy the large drinks - 44 0z - we both had to run out a couple of times during the movie to the ladies room!! Bummer!! Trying to figure out a slow time during the movie when we wouldn't miss too much - not fun!!

After the movie we went to Marie Callendar's for lunch. We talked and visited and ate and had a good time. Then we shared a slice of their caramel cheesecake apple pie! YUMM!! Thanks for the fun time Mauri, I love you.


Dirk said...

That story reminds me of when Kec and I went to visit Mom and Dad in Texas for Christmas. We went to see the first LoTR movie, and chuckled at some of the people carrying similarly massive drinks in to watch a 3+ hour movie.

Kecia said...

I remember that...silly people.

BTW National Treasurer doesn't sound like much of a girl's day out kind of movie!

Jamie said...

LoTR and massive drinks...been there, done that...almost wet my pants so I learned my lesson! lol

Us girlies need to go see "P.S. I Love You". That is definately a chick flick!

Anonymous said...

Lets do it!! How about next Saturday (January 12th) -early afternoon? We could go to a theatre in Provo so Glenn didn't have to babysit too long...or else South Salt Lake...what do you girls think?