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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Husband Tag

    Okay - I've been tagged - by Kecia. I can't tag anyone new because my kids are the only blogs I read!! But here's the scoop. You do realize I have to dig REALLY deep for some of these answers!! Like - over 40 years worth!!

  • What is his name?Edward Lowe Willden

  • How long have you been together? Married 40 years - we met a little over 41 years ago!!!

  • How long did you date? We dated for almost 8 months. We met on the 17th of January and were married on the 8th of September, mainly so we had the summer to earn enough money to get us started!

  • How old his he? 63

  • Who eats more? Good question - food has never been really important to Ed. He is not a real big eater. However, when it comes to munchies he is the worst.

  • Who said I love you first? He did

  • Who is taller? Him - he used to be six inches taller than me but he claims he has shrunk one inch.

  • Who can sing better? Neither one of us can sing very well. I sing a lot more than he does around the house

  • Who is smarter? Ed is by far the more intelligent.

  • Who does the laundry? I do. When he is out on the road however, he thinks nothing of ironing a shirt.

  • Who pays the bills? He does. has almost our whole married life. Its a macho thing!

  • Who sleeps in the right side? Lying in the bed he's on the right and I can't sleep at all if we reverse this - he can sleep anywhere, anywho!

  • Who mows the lawn? He does - I keep the inside clean the outside is Ed's.

  • Who cooks dinner? Me.

  • Who drives? He ALWAYS drives. That's okay. He drives, I read.

  • Who is more stubborn? Ed - I can get stubborn and really push it but when push comes to shove he can out stubborn me any day!

  • Who kissed who first? He kissed me - at his apartment on our first date. Of course, I met him on Tuesday and we went out everynight together BEFORE our first date on Saturday.

  • Who asked who out first? He asked me out. We met at the College of Southern Utah's 3rd ward MIA dance. Even though he already had a date for the Powder Puff Prom - biggest prom on campus for the whole year, he asked me out anyway!! First night we met! He called the other girl the next day and told her that something had come up and he was going to have to go Home for the weekend instead of taking her to the prom. He was really embarrassed when she showed up with another guy at the dance.

  • Who proposed? He did. In fact he knew the night he met me that I was the girl for him. As he was saying his bedtime prayers that night he received an affirmation that I was THE ONE. It took me a few weeks later to realize what a biggie this guy was gonna be in my life. We chose my ring out of a wholesalers catalog and had to order it in. The day it arrived, he called me and didn't say a word, just clicked the box open and closed in my ear. Then he came over to my apartment and got down on one knee and proposed.

  • Who has more friends? Good question. We are each others very best friends. I would have to say Ed as he travels all over with work and makes friends with co-workers all across the nation.

  • Who is more sensitive? Me.

  • Who has more siblings? We are both one of six children. At this point however, he has more siblings living.

  • Who wears the pants?He does - no question

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