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Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Back!!

Don't you just love the pout on this girls face?

It seems like it has been forever since I have had a computer to blog its great to be back. Saturday we had a farewell party for Dirk at Jamie and Kelly's and I got some cute pictures. I am also posting the ones from Imperial Valley on the gallery at if you want to see them. I haven't gotten Eds from his camera yet - we both took a bunch of pictures, with him walking down Shank Road and taking pictures from that view and I walked up Hwy 115 taking pictures from that view. But here are some fun pictures from Saturday.

First off is this darling one of Benji boo - He was in fine form that night and was so fun to watch.

Emma had lots to say that night...isn't she adorable?


Dirk and Da


Edward (I really like this picture - Jace asked me to take the picture of him as he rolled down the stairs, but I really think its a great picture of Ed)

Cute picture of Jerod

Here are a couple of cute pictures of Adrie holding Emma - looks like she likes getting kisses from Cousin Adrie!!


Mauri said...

Cute pictures!!

Susan said...

Cute kids to take pictures of!!

AdrieAnna said...

Aww i love Emma so much!!!!
They are all way cute pictures!