mothers day

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Grandma Gets to Babysit

Kecia drove up to Layton today (January 2, 2008) to get her hair cut and I got to babysit -

I am sure these aren't the first pictures of Emma in 2008 but they are the first ones I have taken - so enjoy!!

She entertained me for hours and then got to go home to Aunt Jamies house while mom and dad went to the Jazz game!! Wonder how Jamie and Kelly are holding up!


Jamie said...

We did good! Emma is the perfect baby. She even smiles when I change her diaper. Uncle Kelly just adores her and talks to her all the time. So cute!

Susan said...

is he ready to trade Harley yet?

Jamie said...

Nah, he will never be at that point. He LOVES his Harley head!

Mauri said...

Look at that smile! She is losing the new baby look and growing up.
How did Kecia do being away from Emma while she went to the game?

Susan said...

Kecia told me they had a fun time...Jamie - you will have to let us know what kind of shape Kecia was in when she finally got back home after being away from her baby for almost four hours!

Jamie said...

She seemed fine to me. I was holding Emma when they got back and continued to hold her for a little bit until I finally turned her over (Emma was hungry). But I guess Kecia is the one we really need to hear from. (I am glad that I was able to visit with Kecia and Glenn! Emma was a doll, and I loved every minute with her!)