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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Snowed in!!

From all reports of the Weather man we were supposed to get 1 or 2 inches of snow in the valley with this last storm. I agree that the lawns were already several inches deep but this morning I couldn't see my driveway or my cleaned off sidewalk or even the road!! This was supposed to be a nothing storm. Poor pity those who had to drive it it this morning because it is almost 1 pm and there hasn't been a road plow in sight!!

Thank Heavens that today was a get lots of meals in my freezer day and sew my new nightie day!! At present I have chili cooking on top of the stove, I have ribs and sauce cooking in the slow cooker and I have funeral potatoes going in the oven. I also have the makings for a big batch of spagetti. All of this is going into meal sized containers for 2 to feed Ed and I with just the help of a microwave over the next couple of weeks.

I WAS going to go up to my dads and out to see Jill but only if they send a snow plow !!


Jamie said... took me almost an hour to get to work this morning (needless to say I was late). I just hope it will be good on the way home. I don't want to re-live my 3 hour drive home nightmare from a little over a year ago! :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe we all need to move to someplace WARMER!!

Jamie said...

Tempting...very tempting! But oh how we need the moisture for our HOT summer!

Mauri said...

I'm all for moving somewhere warmer!!

I am so glad I haven't had to go anywhere today. (I take that back, I did have to go to work but only for 10 minutes, then I got sent home cuz I wasnt feeling well, and I desperately need toilet paper, but tissues will have to suffice till the roads get plowed) Poor Ira is working in salt lake, driving around in a little 2wd pickup with rear wheel drive.

Glenn said...

Mauri's wiping her butt with tissues! LOL.

Let's move to Texas, Austin is a nice place!

I was gonna run errands today (when was the last time I left the house...?) but not with all the white stuff. We Utah County-ites didn't get quite as much, but there is still a good 6 inches of new snow on the ground! And its been soOO windy! Emma liked looking at all the snow or maybe she only got as far as the door frame...but she was entranced either way.

Kecia said...

That "Glenn" comment was actually me...I didn't realize he was logged in

Dirk said...

Heh heh, after last year when it seams we always got hit the hardest, We got about four inches from that storm. And amazingly our streets actually got plowed. It's so funny, so far we've been getting the street plowed maybe once a year.

I guess this was the storm that drew the lucky ping pong ball on the plowing lottery, now the city can go back to ignoreing our streets during the winter.