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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feeling better each day

I commented on Jamie's blog that she needed a new blog - she hasn't put anything new since Monday - of course it is hard to write when you are under stress and she definitely is under STRESS!!

So I decided I better let you all know how I am doing. I feel like I am improving each day but it is still slow and I am so thankful for drugs.

I am mainly taking Ibuprofen 800's with maybe one or two Narco's each day...I can go all night on one Ibuprofen but during the day I am taking them every four hours. I tried the combination of Ibuprofen and Tylenol but it doesn't seem to help any extra so I put the tylenol back in the cupboard.

The recovery is a lot easier than my surgery last April - the pain is alot less - without the pills I am probably at a level 3 or 4 on a 1-10 scale. It really hurts when I try to lean over to put dishes on the bottom level of the dishwasher or take clothes out of the dryer - but with an Ibuprofen in me there is either no pain or only a level 1.

I can sit up for hours at a time without feeling like I have a screwdriver stuck in me just below the rib line like I suffered with the first week. That is a great improvement.

I still am forced to sleep on my back which I hate. I have always been a side sleeper and I love to spoon up to Ed's back when I am going to sleep at night and I managed to lay on my side for almost ten minutes last night and then it started hurting so back on my back I went!!

I go see my surgeon on Monday for follow up. Then I will be able to take a bath again instead of showers!! I love a hot tub to soak in and have to fight with myself every day to keep from filling the tub - but instead of stitches or staples I was stuck back together with glue and it will dissolve in a tub of hot I will be good for now.

I hope to start walking again next week - but Cheryl and I will probably walk at the mall instead of facing the icy walks at the park (she said it was 11 degrees when she walked this morning!!)

I want to recommend having a freezer full of meals that just need to be defrosted!! That has been so nice!! We have had ribs and rice or squash soup or chili beans or spaghetti or white beans and ham, or funeral potatoes with ham slices!! Each afternoon I decide what we are going to have for supper and defrost it. Then I add a salad or bread or veggies and dinner is ready!! And I cooked it all on one day (pre-surgery) and froze it in two people meals - and voila! I have two weeks worth of dinner ready to go!

Last but certainly not least, I want to tell everyone thanks for the love and the care, the phone calls, and the visits, and the thoughts and the prayers and all the good soup!!


Jamie said...

I posted just for you! I am glad you are doing better and better each day. Don't over do it! And remember I can always bring my "vacuum" (aka Harley) over to help with floors. ;)

Anonymous said...

Harley does good on the bread crumbs but I noticed he turns up his nose at the dust bunnies!

Jamie said...

How rude! He leaves the dust bunnies? Maybe he doesn't like that dry hairy feeling in his mouth. Although I don't see why that would bother him because of all the "bee bee's" he eats...and he does like to give Sadie baths. :P

Mauri said...

bee bees? Silly dog.

Anonymous said...

Jamie - Mauri came over yesterday (and vacuumed my living room floor- bless her heart) and I had to explain what Harley's beebee's were. She could picture him eating the plastic bb's for the pellet guns!!