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Monday, June 30, 2008

Four Wheeling

Saturday morning we headed up to Monte Cristo to take them four wheeling. It was a hot beautiful morning and the sky was so blue. Dave and Alecia were thrilled with the gorgeous scenery as we drove over Trapper's Loop and up to Monte Cristo. After flat old Texas they were impressed with our mountains!

When we got to the top of the mountain we started unloading our bikes. We had borrowed grandpa's bike too, and had given Dave a quick lesson in how to drive a four wheeler in the church parking lot the night before. As we unloaded all three bikes a couple of guys headed past on their ATV's and stopped to ask us how far the road went. We told them you could go all the way to Randolph on this road - it went for miles and miles and miles. So off they headed. Within five minutes they were back and said - not today ... they were headed back to their truck to get a chain to pull a Toyota pickup out of a snowbank.

So we headed out ourselves with Ilvia and I on my bike, Jeff, Ed and Eric (Parker's five year old grandson) on Ed's bike and the Guenthers on dad's bike. We only got about 2 miles down the road when we ran into a snowbank about 50 yards wide. So we had our picnic right there!! We still had a wonderful view of the mountains and valleys and we finished off our meal with a rousing snow ball fight!! FUN

On the way back to the truck we stopped and helped another truck get out of another snowbank. I bet the snow is all gone this weekend because it was practically water under the top layer of ice - We had a marvelous time even though we only got to go half as far as we had planned. This is a picture of Ed's mighty truck to the rescue. They tried pulling it out with four wheelers but it took more power than that.

The skies were blue, the weather was warm, we had some wonderful friends and a marvelous time. What more could we ask for!! On the way back down the canyon Dave told Alecia that they were going to get some ATV'!

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Kristanne said...

sounds like you guys have been pretty busy with friends. That is fun. Looking forward to the 4th.