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Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

To all my special blogger friends I want to wish you a Happy and Safe Fourth of July. Its a time of traditions and family, flags and parades, hot days, playing in the water, and lots of love and joy. With Dirk over in Afghanistan it is much more poignant than usual and I expect some tears will be shed along with the laughter and smiles. I love my country - I am so thankful to be an American. It has alot of problems but that is life. We have freedom and prosperity - we are so blessed to live in this great nation. I pray every day for the Lord to watch over and protect our soldiers - and also to help our leaders guide our nation - and most of all, for each an every American to reach out to his fellow man and help him along.

Its our nations birthday...let's celebrate!

Dad was 83 on Wednesday of last week - we had his annual birthday party down at Tonya's house and had a wonderful time. Her yard is big and cool and lovely!! Hey - let's have ALL the parties there!!

The cook was masterful and everyone brought yummy salads for the meal. We visited and talked and visited somemore. It seems that in the months of June and July, family parties are all we do with Cade, Jace and Jace's birthdays, then Father's Day, and then dad's birthday and then the 4th of July celebration and finally the 24th a few weeks later. We got some cute pictures of the activities:

Here we have the girls playing on the tramp! Oh dear, someone needs to get off - too many people on the trampoline at one time. We're breaking the rules!

Looks like the Willdens are really paying attention to the rules!!! tch tch tch!!

Looks like Maizie is having a great time!

Here's a good picture of grandpa Bruce


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Melinda said...

Neat post, Susan. I especially appreciated the photos of Grandpa's birthday party, since I didn't make it to that one.