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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Okay - I'm fat and I don't like it

I started to post a reply on Shawn's website to tell the world I am dieting...and I am gonna lose weight. Then I decided that I needed everyone's support and the only way I can get that is to admit it to everyone!

So - I hate this extra weight I have put on and even though I am walking almost daily I have let myself get back into the snacking mode FULL TIME. This has been the most difficult thing to control because everyday the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning is what can I eat. And the last thing at night is the same. ALL day long I am constantly nibbling on something. And it is definitely an obsession with me! I am constantly craving sweets nonstop. I am back up to a weight of 200 pounds and I will lose 25 of those!!! And I want to lose most of that prior to our Cruise to Alaska on August 23!

So - this is what I am doing:

1 - continuing the walking
2- drinking lots of water
3- controlling my cravings with a low glycemic diet.
This week I am on mainly protein shakes and protein bars with additional fruits and veggies tossed in to fill me up. I have discovered that a snack of three dried apricots and six almonds will stave off the cravings for something to eat for at least TWO hours!!
4- I am eating three small meals and three snacks daily. Right now it is totally low glycemic foods to keep my sugar levels constant. My cookbook has lots of good ideas and I am learning a new recipe or two every day.
5- After a week of level one on the glycemic diet then I will start adding additional foods so that I don't get sick and tired of the same food every day. I am sure that I will continue with the protein shakes for breakfast and lunch but I will add good foods for my snacks and eat a normal meal with Ed. I have never had a problem with portion control ... just junk food.

I am attempting to lose weight totally differently than Shawn but I think we will both succeed. He is simply working out more to fight his battle. I know that I lost weight when I was diagnosed as having diabetes by cutting out all the junk food I was eating and walking three-four days a week. I am now walking 4-5 days a week - (still the 2 1/2 miles that I walk with Cheryl). By controlling my sugar highs and lows I can control my constant craving for junk food. It should work.

Hopefully Shawn will soon look like his 29 year old self and I will look like my 39 year old self! :-)


Kristanne said...

That sounds good! That means I can be 29 too. Weight is a constant battle for me too. I pretty much gave up until my kidney diagnosis. Shawn has me exercising, and I have cut back - But it is a constant battle. I Love food - it isn't a craving or a obsession but I like good food, and I really enjoy flavors and different types of food. Sweets aren't a big problem for me. However fatty food with butter and cream nad such are.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when you are at my house on Sunday you can take a peek at my cookbook. I realized that I needed all new recipes to live life as a diabetic and so that is what I am ATTEMPTING to do. Some of the recipes look really good and if I can even cut half my carbs down it will all help!