mothers day

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A very wet walk

I wish I had a picture of myself this morning as I got back home from my walk. I was drenched - not only drenched but soaked. I came in the house and immediately went downstairs to the wash room and stripped of my jacket, gloves, shirt, jeans, shoes, socks, right down to the garmies. My hair and face were dripping too! I hung everything up to dry in the laundry room.

EVERYTHING was soaked all the way through!! I think I had one dry spot on my jeans where the shirt and jacket protected it but they were dripping - actually it looked like I had black leather pants on instead of just jeans! My shoes were soaked - my reeboks - but my nice thick expensive socks were dry everywhere except on the bottom of my feet. Thats good to know as I paid ten bucks for them!

I love my morning walk and it was so fun with the rain coming down softly - it wasn't a cold rain- just steady and it got stronger as we walked but there wasn't really a wind with it. The ducks were loving the water and yet hungry too - The little stream through the park was just roiling with the rain waters added to the normal stream.

I love that walk - each day is different - and right now it is so green and gorgeous. It definitely was the wettest walk I have ever taken.


Melinda said...

Good grief, it was pouring down here this morning! I'm not surprised you got so soaked. Glad you liked the walk anyway.

I don't think we need to worry much about a drought this year.

Kristanne said...

Sounds like you liked it in spite of the water. I like walking in the rain sometimes too.