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Monday, June 2, 2008

Kelly's new toy

For those of you that have heard about this but haven't seen it - here is Kelly's newest toy. He is JUST a little excited about it. He called me at 8:38 am to talk about it and then showed up at my house early afternoon to show it off.

He said that he and Jamie rode it out to Antelope Island yesterday.

Of course - as a mother I had to make sure that he knew how to be SAFE and drive defensively. He assured me that he did.

All I can say is Enjoy it but be careful son!


Kristanne said...

I told him to be careful too, and he has the nerve to tell me that only stupid people get in motorcycle accidents. If your smart they are totally avoidable. I hope it remains true for him, though I don't agree. He had to show us too and had a good time with it.

Anonymous said...

I would have told him that only stupid people believe that!!

Jamie said...

Oh man, you should've heard the little lecture he gave me when I told him they were dangerous. Kris, you got off easy! lol :P

Dirk said...

Well Jamie, if he's gonna ride, at least insist he get a good set of riding leathers. They are not cheap, but next to the Helmet are the best protection a rider can wear.

Plus you can insist he looks really good in the really bright ones with reflective stripes on the back, to encourage him to get something that will improve his visibility.

Oh and tell him that "Every bike rider is going to lay down his bike at one time or another" Smarts has absolutely nothing to do with it. That's from a good friend who is a long time cop and who's been riding bikes, currently a Harley, since before Kelly was born.

Shawn said...

Agreed on the leathers.

I know lots of people who have ridden for years, and they ALL say, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, that if you ride, you will eventually lay your bike down. Most motorcycle crashes are survivable, and most properly-equipped riders walk away from them, but they are virtually guaranteed to happen, no matter how smart you are.

The key is to have a good helmet, so your head won't be cracked open by the 3-foot fall to the pavement, and to have a good set of leathers so that you can slide along the road without leaving a bloody trail. The idea is that you want to put the bike on its side with you skidding behind it so that in case there are any solid objects in the way the bike will hit them first.

Good riding boots are also smart, to keep you from scraping up your feet, breaking your ankle, etc. The combination of good boots and good leathers will usually protect your leg and foot even if it ends up underneath the bike during the slide.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know where we can get leathers and boots CHEAP? HAH!! Your dad needs some too!

By the way Dirk and Shawn - how do I get this stupid word verification OFF my blog...I didn't put it there!