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Monday, June 30, 2008

Where did June go??

By the way Jamie - how do you like my layout???

Its amazing - here today, gone tomorrow. Life is soooo busy and Ed and I've had a wonderfully fun month. We started with a trip to Texas at the first of the month. Father's Day came along quickly and then our good friends the Guenthers came into town FROM texas!! While we were down there visiting them we found out they were headed to Utah later on in the month and so we invited them to save a day in their schedule while here and we would take them Four wheeling. We met Dave and Alecia in San Marcos when we lived there in 2001/2002. They were one of the four couples that got together to go out to eat or to do something fun together at least once a month. They are the ones that drove us all to Mexico for a fun weekend back in 2001. They are a dear couple and we love them very much. The Parkers (Jeff and Ilvia) were part of that same group and the Templetons were the other couple. Jeff and Ilvia were members of the LDS church (though inactive) and the Templetons and the Guenthers were Catholic. We had some marvelous times and they are all the reason why we loved our time in San Marcos so much.

The Guenthers showed up about the 19th of June, and we met them at the Parkers home, in Farmington, for dinner that night. Then on Friday Ed had to work but the Parkers and Guenthers took me along with them on their sightseeing trip - fun fun day!First off we headed to Kennecott Copper Mine - I haven't been out there for decades - it is huge. The whole operation is huge - from the hole in the ground to the trucks to the tires. This is a picture of the Guenthers on the left and the Parkers on the right. Special friends from our time in Texas.

The off we went to eat at a really great Mexican restaurant on North Temple - Shawn has probably been there. Both Ilvia (Parker) and Alecia (Guenther) are from the Guadalajara area of Mexico and I think this cuisine is the closest to their native foods. Then we headed up to the Capitol. It is so beautiful - the restoration work is all done and it simply shines.

After we left the capitol we headed to Temple Square - Dave and Alecia are not members but they wanted to tour it, and Jeff and Ilvia are not active so it was fun for them too. It was so beautiful and refreshing - we had two real cute sister missionaries lead our tour and one of them spoke fluent Spanish so Alecia and Ilvia had fun visiting with her.

I had forgotten how lovely the pipes for the organ in the Assembly Hall were. We see the Tabernacle set up all the time but these pipes are gorgeous in their own right.

Before leaving Temple square I took them over to the reflection pond so Alecia could get some good pictures of the Temple and then finally we walked over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I explained that it was built in the late 1800's as a hotel and the architecture and interior is something they had to see. Dave loved it - there was a lady playing all sorts of easy listening music on the grand piano - he walked over to her and visited with her and came back all amazed because she wasn't paid to play - she donated her time! We probably sat there in the old hotel for a good 30 minutes just listening to the music.

We had a fun day - lots of talking and catching up on each other's lives. We dropped the Parkers off at home and headed back to Layton (did I mention they stayed in the Willden Hotel for three nights!!)

This blog is long enough. I will continue it next month!!


Kecia said...

Fun trip, cute blog, hope harley doesn't get jealous that it isn't HIS picture on there ;)

Kristanne said...

Sounds like you had a great time with your friends. I didn't even know they had been here. The month certainly did fly by.

Melinda said...

How fun to take friends sightseeing!

Jamie said...

Awww, what an ADORABLE blog layout! But not as adorable as the Harley mutt. ;)