mothers day

Sunday, June 8, 2008


It is 2 am and here I am trying to keep my mind off of my itching burning hurting feet. I even took an ambien tonight to help me sleep and it woke me up and I am sitting here with a combination of diabetic neuropathy and restless leg/foot syndrome.

I hate it!!!! I haven't slept for more than three hours straight for weeks. I do have some medicine that will help it (Lyrica) but it numbs me all over and I have been only taking a half dose - something needs to give though cause this can't go on!! I meant to ask the doctor about Neuroton and instead asked him about Neuragen which is a topical ointment that I would rub into my feet. I am going to buy some on Monday and see how it helps.

I talked myself into staying on the Lyrica (half dose) and going back on the vitamin B12 nasal spray - I quit taking it about two months ago thinking that it wasn't helping but just realized this last week that my feet have been getting worse and worse and worse this last 6-8 weeks ...duh! maybe it is related!!

If I knew how to find a cute picture on the internet to represent my burning itching feet I would insert it right here!!

Well, nuff complaining - maybe I'll just take a Lortab!! :-)


Kristanne said...

I am sorry about that. My mother uses muerotin (SPELLING) and loves it. It is the first time in years she has been able to touch her knees which hurt so bad before even to touch. I love the new layout. It looks really nice. I need a new one but am too lazy.

Susan said...

Actually, if you look at the front page of my blog you will see a bright red line at the top that says "click here for new layouts" or something like that. I clicked there, copied and pasted the layout of my choice into my blog site and voila!! There it was....I don't have choices over color or font etc like those family members of ours who spend hours creating their new layout but it is easy and fun! and FAST!

Melinda said...

Sorry about your feet. That's just miserable to be tired and not able to sleep.

I like the flowers on your new template, but the white writing on pink is hard to read.