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Thursday, September 17, 2009

New camera = new pictures

Finally I can take some fun pictures again. The screen on my old camera had cracked and although I could still take pictures I couldn't see what I was taking a picture of. So Day before yesterday I broke down and bought me a new camera. It was not an expensive one but rather one that camera dummies like me can operate. I don't have to pull out my glasses to see what the setting is each time and it even has an 'easy' setting so I can't 'accidently' push the wrong button and wonder what my camera is doing!! Finally they are listening to us old folk and working within our 'limited' ;-) capabilities.

Of course the first place I went to try out the camera was over to see the new twinners

Here they are - age six weeks and doing fine. Mr Brayden Kelly Willden and Miss Taylie Grace Willden.

Taylie is a really good eater and you can see it in her face. The preemie look is fast disappearing behind the fat little cheeks and the beginning of a double chin.

Here I am playing grandma with Brayden - look at all that dark hair

You wouldn't believe he had an empty tummy waiting to be fed - he is the most mellow laid back kid. His big baby blue eyes are looking all around as he waits patiently for his bottle.

Miss Taylie Grace is NOT a patient child. I even suggested duct taping her binkie in her mouth (GRANDMA!!) She is constantly on the move and if they don't have her in her 'burrito' wrap then her little arms are out pulling out her binkie and brothers too if he is close enough!

They are so precious and I love to get to hold and cuddle and feed them. Thanks Kelly and Jamie for sharing!

And last but not least - a short video to see the twins in action!


Kristanne said...

How fun. I can't wait till Sunday to hole them. I need to hold a baby and remember why children are so wonderful!!!

Melinda said...

That's a great place to break in a new camera! They're so photogenic.