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Sunday, September 20, 2009

my weekend

It's only Sunday morning and I feel like its been three weekends already. Yesterday was a tiring but good day - buts lets start at Friday.

As usual I made a trip to Roy to visit Kathy Heath. She had just found out the day before that the long awaited laser treatment wasn't going to be able to help her stenosis of the esophagus - that she is going to have to have another surgery to put in a stint and that they wouldn't do it until she was officially accepted by Medicaid. So that's another 5-6 weeks wait in the rehab for her. UGH.

I also got to buy the beads and stuff for next weeks Super Saturday - we are making illusion necklaces with a single crystal bead every 1 1/2 inches. It should be great fun.

we won't be making the earrrings except for special orders.

Then I headed over to the Stake House to spend the next 4 1/2 hours accepting donations for our annual Zions Market. The Zions' Market is like a giant garage sale, only no money is exhanged. You want it -- you take it!! This is the sixth year our stake has done this and I have helped set up for every year. It took a couple of years to train the members of our stake NOT to bring stained, ripped or broken items. We literally fill up every room in the church except for the chapel! Even the outside. Washers, dryers, dishwashers, foosball machines, lawnmowers, computer tables, even a hammock - these large items are accepted for donation and set outside the church but those that donate them are kept in a list and if the item doesn't go, then the people that brought them have to come and pick them up after the market is over.
This is the foyer inside the front doors of the church - livingroom furniture, book cases, tables, couches, baby cribs, mattresses, entertainment centers etc. It all went!

This is the relief society room and it has kitchen items of any and all kinds. Dishes, pots and pans, glasses,vases, decorations, canning bottles, etc. That is a cold pack canner sitting under the table to be given away. This picture was taken with still a couple hours worth of donations still to go. Each wall in the room was lined up several deep with frames and pictures and baskets and all sorts of prettiesThis is the tool and camping room - as you can see it has bikes - I think 17 of them. There was even a pocket bike~ exercise equipment, small tents, shade canopies, helmets, even a reloader!!

Shoes - need I say more?? Most of them went the next morning too!
this is the view of the cultural hall - tables and tables and tables full of clothes - girls, womens, mens and boys. The table in the foreground were just womens' jeans - and each of the tables held a lot of jeans too along with shirts, sweaters, socks, lingerie etc. Coats and nice dresses and shirts were hung at each side of the hall. Down at the other end of the hall were tables with fresh vegetables, seeds, handbags and purses (a separate room held suitcases, backpacks, and computer bags.
The toy room had six tables like this FULL of baby toys, puzzles, games, cars and truck, dolls, etc. The floor was covered with boxes with legos or bionics, or scooters etc. The lady that oversaw this room said it emptied out in 20 minutes Saturday morning - all except the babies toys (lots of fisher price, playschool, etc.) since the moms were busy in other areas of the church so it took them a while longer to get to the toy room.
This is in the cultural hall = lots of computer monitors and phones and dvd players etc.
this ws the appliace table - if it doesn't work it is not allowed in the market

This is one of four rooms of baby stuff - the other had strollers (nice ones) and then another two were filled with tables full of baby clothesBaby clothes - deep deeper and deepest! This is where I hit first thing on Saturday morning as Diana Smith had asked me to look for baby clothes for her granddaughter to be and I wanted to find stuff for my new twinners. As you can see, lots of girl stuff on this table - a few boy things but nothing I could find for Ben or Simon. As for the twinners I found baby clothes, shoes, socks, similac, jackets and lots and lots of adorable clothes. I had Jamie go through the girls clothes to share between Taylie and Diana's baby. Brayden got to keep all his stuff. I also found a pile of cute dresses for Emma between this room and the small girls area out in the cultural hall.

I also picked up a computer monitor for Jeff and a bathroom sink complete with fixtures for Kecia!! I got a humidifier for me. It was a fun morning and I think Mauri and Adrie were happy with their treasures too!

I was going to put my whole saturday on here but hate to have to move all of the pictures down to sequential order so I will close this blog and open another.

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