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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturday afternoon and Evening

Be sure and read the blog just before this one talking about our Zions market. It is always a fascinating endeavor and a lot of work but well worth it.

After I finished with Zions Market then I went to work on our back yard for the family party that is going to be held this afternoon. Ed has been hard at work leveling out and preparing the area next to the house for our hot tub. In the process he tracked mud from one end of the yard to the other and then we have been accumulating junk that we stuck behind the little shed next to our house - I was fed up with it all so I went to work cleaning it all up. I dug out our Black and Decker vacuum/blower thing a ma jobber and first vacuumed up leaves and mud and pits and all manner of crud. Then I switched it to a blower and cleaned off the whole basketball court. That all took hours and I was hot and sweaty and went in to take a quick shower so I would be presentable to go get some Subway sandwiches for supper. I decided a nice hot soak in the tub sounded much better and it only added 15 more minutes to dinner time. By the time I got back home with the sandwiches and started to climb out of the car I felt every muscle in my body. Sitting in the car and not moving around for 15 more minutes had allowed all those overworked muscles to tighten up and I wasn't even sure I could walk.

fter we ate I had Ed fire up the lawnmower for me. You need to realize i NEVER mow the lawn. Ed always does it but he is working so hard on the back yard I couldn't bear to have him have to do it too. So I mowed the whole lawn. Lemme tell you - although it did loosen up those muscles I could feel all of them aching as we finally headed into the house at dusk. I was heading for a hot soak in the tub again - with lots of sweet smelling skin so soft oil. The phone rang just then and it was Kelly wondering if we wanted a couple of babies for an hour or so while they went out to dinner - YES!! Forget the exhaustion, forget the aching muscles - babies to play with!!! I took a quick shower and was ready for them to show up.

The were both sound asleep when they came. Full tummies, dry bottoms and so comfortable
Instead of getting a close up of Brayden, I got a picture of the cute jammies he was in complete with puppy dog toes.
Here is an angel at sleep She woke up first and started fussing but I was able to hold and cuddle her until she went back to sleep - and then I held and cuddled her while she slept for about 45 minutes. :-) Then Brayden started fussing so I laid her back down and held Brayden. He continued to squirm and to fuss until I put his binky in his mouth and that settled him right down. He relaxed and slept so well in grandma's arms. I finally put him down after another 45 minutes. Shortly after mommy and daddy came home so cuddling time was over. Thanks for sharing, Kelly and Jamie.
She has finally grown into her preemie size jammies - yes, newborn sizes still drown her!
Here they are together -so precious

I thought it would be fun to post a picture of what they looked like when they were newly home. This was just a little over four weeks ago - they have changed from preemie s to a more softly rounded newborn look

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Kristanne said...

sounds like you have a really busy day. Sounds like it ended on a good note too!!