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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Latest Creations

Last week I really didn't work on necklaces a whole lot, but in two days time I created four necklaces. I have made one more so far that is a beautiful combination of pink pearls and silver chain. I saw it in a book some time ago and finally got around to making it. I don't have a picture of it though so you will have to wait and see it in person or go to - I am posting the newest necklaces there tonight.

I call this one Frosted Crystal Clusters - I made it a couple of weeks ago but just got the pictures taken last week. It sits at the base of the neck with clusters of clear and frosted plastic beads connected to silver chain with sterling silver cones. The earrings have the same cones and clusters and it makes a gorgeous set. In fact, I had just finished one similar to it when Kecia came over to let Emma play with grandma and she bought it from me on the spot. The picture below is another picture of this necklace. I guess I need to have Kecia send me a picture of the one she bought because I liked the chain on it better. When she sends it to me I will post it. I have priced it at only $15 a set - it was not really expensive to make because I got the sterling silver cones (which is the most expensive part of the whole set!) at clearance price at a Ben Franklin Sidewalk sale.

The first set was my least expensive and this one is my most expensive because of the dichroic pendant. It really sets off the necklace. This is one that doesn't photograph well - it looks too busy but looks gorgeous on. It combines chains and amethyst drops and the one of a kind handmade dichroic pendant in black and silver and lavender. It is selling for $36 for the set. Again, I show the same necklace below. I think I am going to redo the beadwork part of it because I used 49 strand wire and I\it kinks easier than the mid priced 19 strand wire!! Weird - the 49 strand is supposed to be the best!

(do you like my shoe??)

This one is called Gold and Silver Sparklies because that is what it is. The central focus is a beautiful pendant made of gold and silver toned metals with rhinestones set in the open work. I put it on a beadwork necklace of gold toned spacer beads and Crystal Swarovski beads that sparkle so magnificently. This bead work is in turn connected to gold toned chain and the whole necklace connects with a 14k gold decorative magnet. The earrings are single drops with the same beads as the necklace with little bits of chain hanging from them. The picture below is a close up of this set.

Silver Wildflowers:I made this one at the same time I made the Gold and Silver Sparklies and the Mother of Pearl Pendant necklace but though this one is pretty it is not as striking. I am going to repeat the beadwork on a hot pink pendant if I can find one I like and see if I can improve on this one. It's pretty but not one of my favorites. This set sells for $22.oo

This is one of the most striking necklaces I have made in a long time. I wear it with purple but it would look really good with greens or browns or especially turquoise. It is called Mother of Pearl and that is because the pendant is a large round piece of mother of pearl with tones of lavender, hot pink, blues, browns and greens depending on how the light is hitting it. I have again, hung the pendant on a small chain between two sections of beadwork. The bead work in this piece is made up of pale blue pearls and blue iridescent cubes and green Swarovski crystals with copper toned accents ....all hanging from copper wire. The earrings are made up of the same blue and green and copper combination. Maybe it is just because I love copper in my necklaces but this is a definite winner. ($25.00 for the set)
Citron palms : The necklace above and below is created on an dark antique gold chain - with a pale yellow/green pendant with palm trees on it. I have framed this pendant with a lower chain with dangles of the same citron colored flat round shell pieces. The earrings are a pretty dangles of the small round shells and the antique gold chain. This set sells for $29.00

Well - that's it for another while - remember - you can see all of my necklaces at The link to that site is here at the upper right hand corner of my blog.

And again - if there is anything you see, remember there is always a 20% discount for friends and family. Also, if there is something you want that you don't see, describe it to me and I will give you a bid and you can have it custom made, just for you...Your color, your size, your metal!!


Kristanne said...

Well in just two days you created a lot. You seem to have fun. If you ever get bored making necklaces, and feel like yard work -- I know a yard that needs major help!!!

Kecia said...

Ha ha - mom, do yard work!? Kris you're a funny girl. She only does things that involve glitter. ;)

Mom, I LOVE my necklace. I wear it all the time and I always get compliments on it! (and in turn, I always mention